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Event #3 on Lake Springfield is a wrap. Wow! Was it hot today! The morning started off with temps in the uppers 70’s to start the day with little to no wind and it got up to 93 degrees with dew points in the 70’s which made for a sweltering day for both anglers and bass. 21 teams were somewhat optimistic about what today’s weights would be when it was all said and done. Although it was hot as blazes three teams managed to weigh in over 17 lbs and gave us a shoot out with the winners posting 17.82 lbs. That team was Jim Dietel and Kerry Malone earning them $1,451.50. A close 2nd was the team of Jerry and Grant Olsen with 17.69 lbs earning them $779.50. 3rd Place was the team of Pat Cravens and Joe Digiavonna with a limit weighing 17.11 lbs. including the $500 Scheels Big Bass of the event with a largemouth weighing 5.14 lbs totals earnings for Pat and Joe was $1,074.00. 4th Place was the team of Corey Bohlmann and Alex Nail with 16.51 lbs. earning them $321.00. Lake Springfield was definitely HOT Today. After the weigh in anglers we’re treated to a shore lunch including burgers fresh off the grill donated by Luke Wheeler form Wheeler Family Farms. Everyone was satisfied and loved the meat. Thanks Luke! All in all it was a great day for fishing and to fellowship with each other at the lake with Fishing, A Great Meal, and sowing the seed of the gospel, in the hope that it points anglers toward salvation in Jesus.

Roster Information:


Lake Springfield - 06/12/21

1st Place Dietel / Malone 17.82 lbs

1st Place Hardware

2nd Place Olsen / Olsen 17.74

3rd Place Cravens / Digiavonna 17.11 lbs

$500 Scheels Big Bass Award Cravens / Digiavonna 5.14 lbs

4th Place Bohlman / Nail 16.51 lbs

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