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We received some great news Oak Hill outdoors will be donating 200$ gift card for the big bass of each tournament. I have had many members sign up in the past few weeks which is great and looking forward to more. Our first event is April 17 on Templar park in spirit lake iowa. We will have our first meeting April 16 at oak hill outdoors in milford iowa at 630 pm. Remember I need everyone's entries 9 days before the tounament or made other arrangements and will be paid by meeting. All checks will need to be to me Monday prior to the tournament. You can send the checks to po box 24 spirit lake iowa, 51360. I'm trying to get paypal fixed also. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to call me at 712 2034806.

Roster Information:


event #1 Spirit Lake - 04/17/21