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Wow is all I can say. we found out on May the 4th that we were all heading to Kerr Lake for our first ever Major League Fishing Style Tournament, the Ultimate Bass Challenge.


We all met at the boat ramp at 5:30 am to go over rules and to pair up the marshalls. Then we blasted opff after a word of prayer to start this event. and what an event it was. It was exciting to see the fish start being caught and show up on Score Tracker. several of the anglers did not have internet access so there scores did not make it onto the internet. for the most part though 4 out of the 6 participating were able to keep everyone on there toes by the updates being posted.


I took an early lead with 9lbs in the first 30 minutes of the tournament, then Jacob Bumgarner passed me at around 8 am to make it to around 15lbs, the big move was made by Jeff Camp and David Martin, by the time half time came around Jeff had amassed 24lbs of fish., he was kicking everyones butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


At half time we all compared notes to a degree and we had lunch on our boats and we had a short divisional. 


We adjourned at 11:30 to continue our quest, now to catch Jeff, which was going to be a hard task consideing how he was catching them, he dialed in quick to pattern and dint let up, by the end of the day he caught 2t5 bass and weighed in 39.10lbs. wow, just wow... 


Jacob Bumgarner did manage to catch 20lbs by the end of the day and David MArtin caught two fish at the end of the day to pass me with his 13.03lbs ending in 3rd place.


Tony McCraw caught several fish for the day and David Crawford the same, fishing got tough for us toward the end of the day.


This was by far the funnest tournament I have ever fished and I hope to put another one on this year as a fund raiser for the division.


Huge thanks to all the marshalls who suffered through the day wanting to fish and dealing with the scales and keeping track of the weights for all of us. God bless you guys and lady... We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the event.

One of the following: South Holston Lake, Lake Anna, or Kerr Lake - 05/05/18



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 23226 Jeff Camp
25 3.2 39.1 0 39.1 200

2 23233 Jacob Bumgarner
12 2.1 20 0 20 199

3 23229 David Martin
9 2.03 13.03 0 13.03 198

4 23230 Russell Nixon
6 4.02 12.08 0 12.08 197

5 23232 Dave Crawford
7 2.34 9.12 0 9.12 196

6 23231 Anthony McCraw
3 1.4 4.05 0 4.05 195