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New York - South Classic

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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Larry Keeno, I and my brother Robert have been directing Fisher's of Men tournaments since 2015. I have the privaledge of not only fishing, but more importantly sharing Jesus with others. Our format generally involves a Friday meeting where we share a meal together and share God's word. This can take place at a Church or at other locations. This is what makes us a ministry. Sharing Gods word to his sons and daughters from any denomination. The foundation of anything worthwhile rests on the word our Lord Jesus Christ. Without Jesus we are doomed for a life without hope. Alow me to share with you the Love of God, for as John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Welcome to the New York South Division.The Fisher's of Men national tournament Trail is a non for profit, non denominational ministry whose mission is to introduce Jesus to fisherman and their families and to invite them into relationship with him, through bass fishing tournaments. We are excited about our 2021 schedule and  hope and pray that you will join us. Our division will encompass Tournaments in the Southern Tier of the New York State and or the sourrounding states of New Jersy, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania . Our Team Series is comprised of 2-person Teams who fish the entire Season as a Team together. Come and join us at one of our upcoming events. Hope to see you at one our events. You Must fill out an Entry Form email your completed entry form and payment to lkeeno@fomntt.com or mail to: Larry Keeno 90 Orchard Hill rd, Middletown , NY 10941. All Checks should be made to Fishers of Men with an entry form enclosed. All deadlines for pre-registration will be the Monday before each of the scheduled Tournaments. Deadline is important because we need to know how many are attending the Friday night meeting. Membership is required for this tournament trail.  ALL MEMBERSHIPS MUST BE PAID VIA PAY PAL ON FOMNTT PRIOR TO EACH ATTENDED EVENT. BECAUSE OF FEES FOMNTT PAYS TO PAY PAL THOSE FEES WILL BE CHARGED TO YOU. FOR EXAMPLE STANDARD WHICH NORMALLY COSTS $40 WILL NOW COST $42.50/ Family membership is now $60.00/ $62.50 at checkout through pay pal.

Each tournament entry is $150.00 with an option to join a bonus pot for $25.00. The bonus pot is 100% payout to top three places. Currently our tournament regular payout is at near 90%. The other 10% goes to national fees that support our national tournamnt championship each year. This trail roughly covers 25 states with over 3000 members. You can compete any team trail in of the states where we have divisions. For a team who is very competetive , that team can fish their way and fish divisional tournaments to compete to be in our National championship which are located South and West usually in march each year. Fisher's of Men has two boats that are given away each year, one to the top Champion an d the second will be given away randomly to those who don't qualify to fish the last day. 

Angler of the year and end of year points standings will be based off your 5 best divisional tournaments which will allow for some flexibility if you have to miss a tournament and essentially allows you to "throw away" a bad finish.
Feel free to check out all of the details and launch information on the Fishers of Men website at www.fomntt.com and feel free to call or message me with any questions that you may have.
There are some new and exciting contingency programs this year to put more money in your pocket.  The first is the Berkely Cast for Cash Program.  Every tournament where we have 20 boats, the highest participant that is registered in the program will earn an extra 250 dollar check and the second highest finisher will receive 150 bucks.  Check it out atwww.berkley-fishing.com/CastforCash.

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