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Kentucky West - Classic

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About This Division

With our 2024 season upon us, we have some new things happening this year! First off, you will notice that I have 6 tournaments on our schedule for the season. Fishers of Men only recognizes 5 tournaments to count towards your total points standings per season. Therefore, having 6 tournaments on the schedule allows us to have a "drop" tournament. If you fish all 6 tournaments, your lowest finish will be dropped and your best 5 finishes will count towards your total points for the team of the year race.

Secondly, if you have fished my tournaments for the last two years, you should know that I give out bonus money provided by our great sponsors. Our sponsors donate this money to ensure our division is ran to the best it can be; but they also donate to promote their businesses. I have noticed that some teams chase payouts rather than attend the Friday night meetings - which is what our mission revolves around. We want to spread the word of the Lord at our Friday night meetings and promote our great sponsors. Therefore, starting in 2024, if at least one of the team members from each team is not present at the Friday night meeting and they finish in a bonus money spot Saturday at the tournament, that team will NOT receive any sponsor bonus money. They will only receive the typical Fishers of Men payout amount.

Lastly, I intend to have a "classic" style tournament with 100% payback to the anglers this year. I know last year we spoke of something like this, but it never took off when scheduling with other parties. This year, I want to have a classic for teams that competed in at least 3 of the 6 tournaments in our Kentucky West divsion. This classic will be held in the fall at one of our 6 lakes on our schedule. We will either take a vote or draw from a hat to determine the lake choice. Entry fees and further details will be figured out soon enough... so stay tuned!

Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine national sponsors: BassCat Boats, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Mercury, Spiderwire DuraBraid, Realtree Fishing, FireFly Outdoor & Marine, Power-Pole, T-H Marine, X2 Power, FroggToggs, FSB Mortgage and Jacobs Glass.

Fishers of Men would like to especially thank all of our great local sponsors: Phillip Brinegar HVAC & Plumbing, Mid-State Recycling, Kingrey's Auto Repair, Jet-A-Marina, Plumbers Supply Company, Mark Miller Marine, Spearpoint Performance Hooks, Fire Line Guns & Knives, R.L. Craig Company, Minco Insulation, Land Big Fish, Brite Wholesale Electric Supply, Hayz Meatz, Air Mechanical Sales, Jody Lashley Custom Docks, Wieda's Marine, NexAir, Ultimate Whitetail, Victaulic and Monticello Bank.

Director Information

Gaje Ayres
3850 Lick Branch Road
Glasgow, KY 42141
(270) 670-5981

Division Chaplain

Division Events

Barren River Lake  Peninsula   March 13, 2021  Results  
Nolin Lake  Moutardier  April 10, 2021  Results  
Barren River Lake  Peninsula   May 08, 2021  Results  
Green River Lake  Site One  June 12, 2021  Results  
Barren River Lake  Peninsula   July 10, 2021  Results  
Lake Cumberland  Pumpkin Creek Ramp  April 09, 2022  Results  
Green River lake  Site One Ramp  April 30, 2022  Results  
Dale Hollow Lake  State Park Ramp  May 14, 2022  Results  
Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley  Kentucky Dam Marina Ramp  June 04, 2022  Results  
Barren River Lake  Port Oliver Ramp  June 18, 2022  Results  
Kentucky Lake / Lake Barkley  Kentucky Dam Marina Boat Ramp  April 15, 2023  Results  
Barren River Lake  Port Oliver Boat Ramp  April 29, 2023  Results  
Dale Hollow Lake  Dale Hollow State Park Marina Boat Ramp  May 13, 2023  Results  
Nolin River Lake  Moutardier Boat Ramp  June 03, 2023  Results  
Green River Lake  Site One Boat Ramp  June 17, 2023  Results  
Nolin River Lake  Moutardier Boat Ramp  March 02, 2024  Results  
Green River Lake  Holmes Bend Marina Boat Ramp  March 23, 2024  Results  
Lake Cumberland  General Burnside Island Boat Ramp  April 06, 2024  Results  
Kentucky Lake / Lake Barkley  Kentucky Dam Marina Boat Ramp  April 27, 2024  Results  
Dale Hollow Lake  Dale Hollow State Park Marina Boat Ramp  May 11, 2024  Results  
Barren River Lake  Peninsula Marina Boat Ramp  June 01, 2024  Results  

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