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Arkansas Northwest - Legacy

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About This Division

Welcome to the Legacy division . Please call me at 870-416-8019. or go to fomntt.com for more info                           

Legacy tournaments are from safe light to 1pm, followed by a meal and a devotional. 1 adult and 1or 2 kids that will not turn 19 within the 2022 season. only 2 can fish at a time. 

there is no friday night meetings, but entries will need to be prepaid buy 3pm friday before tournament, unless special arrangement are made. mail entries to Bobby Madison,HC70 Box 613 Jasper, Ar,72641

or PayPal to bmadison@fomntt.com  . Entry is 80$,includes big bass.   Optional side pot of 25$ (100%) pay back.




Director Information

Bobby Madison
HC 70 Box 613
Jasper, AR 72641
(870) 416-8019

Division Chaplain

John Humbert 573-718-6043 johnhumbert60@gmail.com

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