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Mississippi Central - Classic

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About This Division

PLEASE share the word, lets grow your trail..more Teams, more outreach, more payouts....The Mississippi Central Division is a "NO OFF LIMITS" division. There will be no off limits period for the 2023-2024 regular season divisional tournaments.

SUPPORT our Sponsors by buying their products as well as sharing their information on your social media platforms and or by word of mouth.  When possible, thank them for supporting us. 

NOTE:  Our first tournament will be on Sardis Lake on October 28th.  Our pre-tournament meeting will be announced as soon as confirmation from the church is received.  That meeting will be on Friday night, October 27th at 6:00 P. M. 

Our second tournament will be on Lake Ferguson on October 11th.  Our pre-tournament meeting will be held at First Baptist Church of Greenville, MS at 6:00 P. M. on Friday night, November 10th. 

We want to thank our national sponsors as well as our local sponsors: Bass Pro Shops, Pearl, MS; Van's Sporting Goods, Brandon, MS; Covington County Supply, Collins, MS; Fishers of Men Bait Shop, Mize, MS; Lowe's of Laurel, MS; Back Forty Outdoors in Grenada, MS.  If you know of any businesses willing to help us please let us know!!  We want to help as many as will be willing.  Check back for our lineup of tournaments for the Spring of '24.  

Come Fish WIth Us!!!


Director Information

Jeffrey Ramage
P. O. Box 235
Raleigh, Mississippi 39153
(601) 575-3171

Division Chaplain

Bro. Glenn Haymon 601.513.7947 Bro. David Hays 601-201-6057

Division Events

Columbus Lake  TBT  February 24, 2024  Details  
Ross Barnett  Madison  March 09, 2024  Details  
Grenada Lake  Grenada Landing  April 13, 2024  Details  
Sardis Lake  Engineer's Point  May 04, 2024  Details  
Lake Ferguson  City Ramp  June 22, 2024  Details  

Division Standings

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We will be holding Tournaments across the North and Central parts of Mississippi. Please invite your families to attend all the meetings ( when possible ) and weigh-ins. If you have a potential sponsor and/or a suggestion on how to raise more monies for larger payouts, please let me know.