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South Carolina Low Country - Team

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About This Division

Congrats to our 30 Guns in 30 days winners!

Nov 1st Birdie Arledge Sig Saur 9 mm

Nov 2nd David Hanna Winchester 22

Nov 3rd Darrell Shull Savage  6.5

Nov 4th Brent Waynick Ruger 6.5

Nov 5th Jim Newman Henry 22

Nov 6th Mike Watson CZ 12 ga

Nov 7th Neil Masincupp S&W MP 15-22

Nov 8th Rob Padgett TriStar 12 ga

Nov 9th Richard White Taurus 380

Nov 10th Wayne Barker Savage 22

Nov 11th Phillip Hawkins Charles Daley 12 ga

Nov 12th Felder Poplin TriStar 12 ga

Nov 13th Tony Taylor Citadel Hog 12 ga

Nov 14th Wayne Frierson CZ 13 ga

Nov 15th Ken Ellis Ruger 6.5 Creed

Nov 16th Wilder Harte Ruger Mark IV

Nov 17th Dexter Garris Mossburg 20 ga

Nov 18th Danny Taylor TriStar 12 ga

Nov 19th Justin Thompson Henry 22

Nov 20th Jerry Hicks Savage 22

Nov 21st Mark McLeod Taurus 380

Nov 22nd James Barker Ruger Mark IV

Nov 23 Will McLeod Sig Saur

Nov 24th Chris Hawkins M&P 15-22

Nov 25th Sandra Howell Citadal Hog 12 ga

Nov 26th Cape Lee TriStar 12 ga

Nov 27th Johnny Walton CD 12 ga

Nov 28th Joel Boykin Winchester 22

Nov 29th Kevin Boland TriStar 12 ga

Nov 30th Cotton Carraway Savage 6.5

Welcome to the 2023 season! We will hold a kick-off meeting at Chapin United Methodist Church, 415 Lexington Ave, Chapin

Registration is 5:30-6:00 pm

Meal: 6:00 pm

Be sure to fish a minimum of 3 events so that you will be eligible to fish our District Championship 

Fish at least 5 Division events and you will be qualified to fish as many District Championships as you like to increase your chances to make it to the Nationals!

We are planning 6 Friday night meetings this year! Be sure to attend to get your 50 Points in the yearly AOY standings!

Any questions don't hesitate to give me a call! Al Odom (803) 429-1784




Director Information

Al Odom
828 Silverpoint Rd
Chapin, SC 29036
(803) 429-1784

Division Chaplain

Division Events

Lake Murray  Dreher Island State Park  January 29, 2022  Results  
Santee  John C Land  March 05, 2022  Results  
Lake Murray  Dreher Island State Park  April 02, 2022  Results  
Santee  John C Land  April 16, 2022  Results  
Lake Murray  Dreher Island State Park  May 14, 2022  Results  
Santee  John C Land  June 04, 2022  Results  
Lake Murray  Dreher Island State Park Shelter 2  January 21, 2023  Results  
Santee  John C Land  March 18, 2023  Details  
Lake Murray  Dreher Island State Park  April 08, 2023  Details  
Santee  John C Land  May 13, 2023  Details  
TBA  TBA  June 03, 2023  Details  
Lake Murray  Dreher Island State Park  August 26, 2023  Details  

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