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Texas Northeast - Team

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About This Division

Welcome to the 2023 Fishers of Men Texas Northeast Division 

This is shaping up to be our biggest year yet with the best schedule and biggest payouts. You will not find a better tournament trail to fish in East Texas. Be sure to read all the details below or feel free to contact us for more details on how to qualify for sponsor bonus money and Skeeter Real Money Eligibility. 


Payout based on 30 boats. 

Membership for team series is $42.50 per person 

Family membership (must reside in the same household) is $62.50. 


To Pay Memberships online click here


Entry fee $150 per tournament and can be mailed directly to me or paid by PayPal on the Division page of our website. 

All entries must be paid or postmarked 8 days prior to the event to avoid the $25 late fee. 

We will pay one place for every five boats. 

We will pay Big Bass plus have an optional Bonus Bucks pot at $25 per boat for each divisional event. 

Our divisional points champions will automatically qualify for the district championship and receive plaques and jackets from the national office. 

The top 80 percent of our Division will qualify for our district championship 

Top 20 percent of our 11 district championships will qualify for the national championship  

Schedule and rules posted on fomntt.com

Jeff Gage, Director   295 Timber Falls  Longview, Tx 75605

Cell (903)738-7878

Office (903)753-3515

Brandon Watson, Asst. Director   140 Timber Falls  Longview, Tx 75605

Cell (903)746-7393


To Pay Memberships online click here.

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Director Information

Jeff Gage
295 Timber Falls
Longview, TX 75605
(903) 738-7878

Division Chaplain

Donnie Barron

Division Events

Brandy Branch Reservoir  Public  January 15, 2022  Results  
Lake O' The Pines  Cedar Springs Ramp  February 19, 2022  Results  
Lake O' The Pines  Cedar Springs Ramp  March 19, 2022  Results  
Lake O' The Pines  Cedar Springs Ramp  April 23, 2022  Results  
Lake O' The Pines  Cedar Springs Ramp  May 21, 2022  Results  
MARTIN CREEK  Public  January 21, 2023  Results  
Brandy Branch Reservoir  Public  February 18, 2023  Details  
MARTIN CREEK  Public  March 25, 2023  Details  
Lake O' The Pines  Johnson Creek  April 15, 2023  Details  
Lake O' The Pines  Johnson Creek  May 20, 2023  Details  

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