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Louisiana North Central - Classic

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About This Division

Welcome to the North- Central Louisiana Division Page.

We are really excited about this season! I can't wait to see alot of the old faces........ And as many new faces as we can get.

This Division is run exclusively by volunteers who love fishermen and their families.. and most importantly, love Jesus! We simply want to share with the world that the creator of the universe in interested in YOU! Each of us has a calling... a purpose, a perfect plan...  that there are expectations, gifts, adventures, love, knowlege, understanding...all waiting, ready to be accepted, God wants to share this package with you because he loves you.. he wants you to follow him and his cause and commands only because he can keep you safe. His desire for us to do life his way is because he cares for us deeply, and wants to protect us. Unfortunately for all of us, there is an enemy who wants to Kill Steal and Destroy us... and you know that enemys greatest weapon? I believe I do. FREE WILL!   I speak from experience, wouldn't it be easier if there was no sin.. If there was no deciever to try to trick us into not seeing the universe as it is? We would all accept Gods plan.. simply because it is good. But, Gods Love can only be as great as the Free Will he provides to us; we have risks.. mishaps, we believe lies, our judgement is stained, we have the ability to reject GOD. He will not force us to submit, he allows us to choose our destiny... God is at war! God uses his people to do his bidding.. At least for now. Thats why we do this. 

Please join us in this season.. For any reason, Heres a few:  

#1     You are not interested in the spirit world, don't know or care if there is a creator or not.. All you know is that you want to come try to win some money and prizes in a competitive and fairly run bass fishing circuit, and qualify to try win a $70,000 Bass Cat at the national championship. This is the trail for you. Because this is run exclusively by volunteers, and we do have a small handful of sponsors, I believe that we can offer the best payouts available at this level of competition,

#2     You Love to fish, ( or maybe not) and don't like church, but realize there is a chance that we are on to something with this whole thing about creator, eternity, and expectations, and you feel a need to come see, come to the meetings for a season and have some fun competing to go along with it.  or have questions. I love to debate, I would absolutely love it if you were to call me and try to convice me I'm wrong about Jesus. (Even if you hate fishing and want to come pretend like you are a fisherman and show up at the meetings... just come on. dont worry about signing up or memberships, or entry fees or rules.. just come see what we are about.) 

#3     You already love God, and love to fish,  Some of you think that this level of competition is over your head but still want to get involved. Its enourmously exciting, puts you in a position for dreams to come true, and at the end of the day is a worthy cause even iof you never cut a check. You can tell your spouse it is money well spent... for a good cause... LOL.( that was me for several years.. I dont have any regrets!--Loved every minute of it !!  This organization set me up for some of the greastest adventures of my life and eventually got to learn what victory tasted like. ( Its real good by the way in case some of you are wondering )  





Trey McGuire- FOMNTT: 125 Lavena Lane, Ruston, La, 71270


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Lake Darbonne    January 16, 2021  Results  
Lake Darbonne    March 06, 2021  Results  
Caney Lake    April 03, 2021  Results  
Ouachita River    May 08, 2021  Results  

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