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Our second and final division event will take place on Lake Hartwell.  This will be a one day event with a devotion on the water, prior to competition.  We will go out of Gum Branch and the devotion will commence at 5:45 a.m.


Procedures for entry/payouts:   1. Memberships must be obtained through the website prior to the event.

                                                   2. Entries must be received by August 1st to be eligible for the random boat number draw.  All entries received after August 1st will be placed at the rear of the field in order of receival.  Entries and Bonus Bucks will NOT be accepted at the ramp on the day of the event.  Also, a later penalty will be assessed for those entries received after August 1st.

                                                   3. Payout checks will be mailed the following week.


Anglers, just to make certain of the flow for the event, please be aware of the following...Memberships must be purchased prior to the tournament.  Upon arrival at the ramp, you will not be given a boat number chip, instead I will tell you your boat number and then at weigh-in time, visually tell me you are "in".  We will have a devotion while floating on the water, in your boats, prior to ease off.  Weigh-in will be at 1100 and a 3 fish limit.  Only 1 Team (1 team member) at the scales at a time.  I will motion for you to proceed to the scales.  Masks must be worn while in proximity of others.  After your fish are weighed, please clear to area to allow another team to the scales.  DONT HANG AROUND THE SCALES!!  A picture of the leaderboard will be taken an uploaded to the website.  Checks will be mailed to respective places.  If you are not comfortable with the parameters of the tournament, I will offer you a refund prior to competition.

Roster Information:


Lake Hartwell - 08/08/20