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  • Saturday August 15, 2020
  • There will be no Friday meeting for this event.
  • The launch and weigh-in will be at the Lick Creek ramp near Dover TN.
  • This will be the final tournament of the season for the TN Central Division. 
  • We will have instructions and a devotional at the ramp prior to take off.
  • We will accept entries at the ramp with no late fee. (make checks to Fishers of Men)
  • Prize checks will be mailed to the winners during the week following the tournament.
  • The weigh-in will be a "no frills" event.

Since this is a make-up event and there is a bit of unsurity about who has already entered, we will be accepting entries at the ramp for this one event. If you have already entered the event that was cancelled, please let me know by calling or texting the number below.

If you have not already entered and wish to, please come a little early and bring a completed entry form and your entry fee to the ramp on the morning of the tournament.

I plan to be at the ramp to accept entries by 4:30 on Saturday morning. We will plan to begin the meeting at around 5:20 and try to start blast-off as soon as it's safe, probably around 5:45.

If you have questions, call or text Bobby Eads at 812-583-6389.

Roster Information:


Lake Barkley - 08/15/20