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The Clenney Agency - Lake Seminole Tournament


Our first tournament of the season was a success. We gained new members and new old members. The Friday night meeting was amazing and I want to thank Steve from Big Jims for the awesome fried fish dinner. Big Jim's never dissapoints and Steve and his team went above and beyond to make our fisrt meeting a success in almost 12 months.


On tournament day Lake Seminole brought very tough post front conditions. Extremely high winds and rough lake conditions did not prevent team Brown\ Stevens from bringing in 24.45lbs followed by a second place weight of 22.8lbs from Stewart\ Creel. 

We started the season off great and I look forward to the next tournament on Lake Harding. 


Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Power-Pole, BassBoat Technologies, Amphibia Eyewear, Buckeye Lures, T&H Marine, Gator Guards, Frogg Toggs, Kistler Rods,  Jacobs Glass, Valley Fashions.

Georgia South would like to thank all of our local sponsors:

Spotlight Sponsor: Russell Marine

AOY Sponsor: Summerland Outdoors 

Lake Sponsors:  Summerland Outdoors, The Clenney Agency,  Bass Boat Technologies, Fish Monkey, Ocean Waves Sunglasses.

Division Sponsors: O'Reilly Auto Parts, Advanced Auto Parts, Tractor Supply, JJ Magic, Garland Mountain Sporting Clays and Grill, Barrows Guns, Georgia Blade Company, Choo Choo Lures, Fish Life Care Products, Big Bite Baits, Spring Creek Park Resort, ALX Rods, FX Rods, Strike Zone Lure Company, Seek Deez, Pro-Tec and K2 Coolers.  

We would also like to thank some of our fishermen & volunteers for donations to our ministry. Without the support of these individuals we would not be able to provide the EXTRA to make our events special for our anglers.


The Clenney Agency Lake Seminole Tournament #1
Team Members

Hotel Information:

Spring Creek Park Resort

Roster Information:

Boat Numbers

1. Smith Sr.\ Johnson (Fundraiser) here

2. Wilson\ Wilson here

3. Wade\ Peeler with Bonus Bucks

4. Joe O'Connell\ Osowski with Bonus Bucks

5. Cooper\ Smith with Bonus Bucks here

6. Succi\ Stephens with Bonus Bucks here

7. Howell\ Roach with Bonus Bucks here

8. Gaddy\ Whitley (Fundraiser) and Bonus Bucks Here

9. Wallace\ Buchanan with Bonus Bucks Here 

10. Anthony O'Connel\ McDaniel with Bonus Bucks

11. Cardwell with Bonus Bucks

12. Rockhill\ Montalbano with Bonus Bucks Here

13. Kropat\ Willis here

14. Shoupe\ McKrakin with Bonus Bucks here

15. McGuffin\ Holland with Bonus Bucks Here

16. Williams\ Smith (Fundraiser)  Bunus Bucks Here

17. McGee\ Shiver with Bonus Bucks here

18. Anderson\ McChesney (Fundraiser) Here

19. Leeks\ Mills with Bonus Bucks here

20. Stafford\ Harrison with Bonus Bucks

21. Enfinger\ Ingram with Bonus Bucks

22. Leary\ Drake with Bonus Bucks here

23. Thorton\ Morton with Bonus Bucks

24. Stevens\ Brown with Bonus Bucks here

25. Thad Hull\ Talley with Bonus Bucks

26. Stevens\ Watorford with Bonus Bucks

27. Holt|\Grubb 

28. Blakey\ Ward with Bonus Bucks here

29. Stewart\ Creels with Bonus Bucks here and next month

30. Ozly\ Ozly with Bonus Bucks here

31. Rolling\ Jacobs with Bonus Bucks Here alabama central

32. Colson\ Ragnstad with Bonus Bucks Here

33. Morgan\ DaVico with Bonus Bucks Here

Last. Bohanon\ McMichael (Fundraiser)


Lake Seminole - 01/16/21