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Due to Covid restrictions we will begin the season with a single day event. No Friday night meeting. We will have an on-the-water Devotion and rules meeting 15 minutes prior to Blast-off. Teams are encouraged to sign-up early (by Jan 17th) to avoid the $25 late fee at the ramp!

Due to the efforts of our Anglers in the 30 Guns Raffle Ticket Sales we will be adding $2500 to the payout at each event. With 50 boats the top 3 boats will win $3000, $1500 and $1000 respectively. As always we will pay 1 place for every 5 entries.

Anglers who sold a minimum of 60 raffle tickets will also be vying for their piece of $15,000 in additional money that will be awarded to the top 15 places in the yearly standings.

GUIDELINES for Murray event:

  1.   Each Member MUST prepay their MEMBERSHIP fee  (JOIN ONLINE)
  2.   Register for event by doing 2 things:
    1.   Pay the Entry Fee and/or Bonus Bucks  (link on this page)
    2.   Complete an Entry Form  ( ENTRY FORM link)
    3.   NOTE:  LATE fee of $25 will be assesed for entries submitted after Wed, Jan 20 (10pm).
  3. Entry forms must be submitted to Director PRIOR to the event
    1.   Electronically (email)
    2.   Submit Sat. Morning CHECK IN
Tournament Fees
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French & Poplin

Hopkins & Mathews

Hawkins & Hawkins BB

Hardee & Hardee

Britt & Montjoy BB

Howard & Ellis BB

Willis & Porter

Gentry & Jordan BB

Marlowe & Marlowe BB

Padgett & Anderson BB

Young & Young Jr

Mueller & Frierson BB

Hawkins & Foxworth BB

Discaro & Murdaugh

Pizzino & Fulmer

Thomas & Kneece BB

Langston & Langston

Bair & Dixon BB

Fulmer & Sox BB

Gabella & Floyd

Hardwick & Williams BB

Sauls & Amos

Miller & Byrd III


Fields & Woods

Duckett & Price



Lake Murray - 01/23/21