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Due to Covid restrictions we will begin the season with a single day event. No Friday night meeting. We will have an on-the-water Devotion and rules meeting 15 minutes prior to Blast-off. Teams are encouraged to sign-up early

Teams registering after Midnight Wed. Feb 24th will incur a $25 late registration fee so please register early! All teams must come by and pick up their Blast-off cards by 6:45 am We will be under the shelter at the weigh-in event area beginning at 5:45 am

In order to facilitate Social distancing we will be having only 10 teams in each flight. Please Disregard the times on your blast-off cards

Weigh-In times will be as follows!

Boat Numbers        Weigh-In TImes

1-10                        3:00 pm

11-20                      3:15 pm

21-30                     3:30 pm

31-40                     3:45 pm

41-50                     4:00 pm

51-60                     4:15 pm

60+                        4:30 pm

Due to the efforts of our Anglers in the 30 Guns Raffle Ticket Sales we will be adding $2500 to the payout at each event. With 50 boats the top 3 boats will win $3000, $1500 and $1000 respectively. As always we will pay 1 place for every 5 entries.

Anglers who sold a minimum of 60 raffle tickets will also be vying for their piece of $15,000 in additional money that will be awarded to the top 15 places in the yearly standings.

GUIDELINES for Santee event:

  1.   Each Member MUST prepay their MEMBERSHIP fee  (JOIN ONLINE)
  2.   Register for event by doing 2 things:
    1.   Pay the Entry Fee and/or Bonus Bucks  (link on this page)
    2.   Complete an Entry Form  ( ENTRY FORM link)
Tournament Fees
Enter Both Angler Names
Tournament Location

Roster Information:

French & Poplin

Hardee & Hardee

Maynor & Grubbs

Hopkins & Matthews

Mueller & Frierson BB

Hawkins & Foxworth

Harley & Harley BB

Howard & Ellis BB

Gardner & Walker

Price & Duckett BB

Britt & Montjoy BB

Burgess & Riley BB

Gabella & Floyd

Bair & Dixon

Hawkins & Hawkins BB

Descaro & Griffith

Costas & Costas BB

Willocks & Murdaugh

Fulmer & Pizzino

Gibbs & Gibbs BB

Sauls & Amos

Shull & Vining

Young & Young

Willis & Porter

McCoy & Stevens BB

Causey & Jeffcoat

Olds & Gowdy BB

Thomas & Kneece

Richbourg & Williams BB

Altman & Miller

Stevenson BB

Watson & McFadden BB

Mcfadden & Canty BB

Fields & Woods

Hardwick & Williams BB

R. Clark BB

Anderson & Gant BB



Santee - 02/27/21