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Third Annual Commonwealth Cup!!

Virginia East and Virginia West hold this event each year as a fun event for our anglers, gain some bragging rights, and help support our divisions!

Virginia East is looking to gain back the Cup in 2021!

The event is for the top 20 teams in each of our divisions to compete against each other.

We run it as any other FOM event but no points are involved, individual teams compete for the events payout and trophies. We total the weights of all the East teams vs. all the West teams to determine what division wins the Commonwealth Cup for the following season!

It is a thoroughly fun event and a great way to close our seasons out, so compete hard all year to finish the season in our top 20!!


Ramp: RockaHock Campground, 1428 Outpost Rd, Lanexa, VA 23089


Entry Fees
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3rd Annual Commonwealth Cup - 10/02/21