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  The first tournament for the 2021 season is in the books.  Jeremy Atwood delivered a great message to our anglers just before blastoff.  We had 29 boats takeoff just as the rain started to fall.  Although the rain tappered off through the day, the fishing did not improve.  The team of Logan Estes and Taylor Hansford scrounged together a limit to come out on top with a winning weight of 12.39lbs.  Estes and Hansford caught most of thier fish on Jigs and a shakey head in 20' of water.  Second place goes to the team of Wade Jenkins and Shawn Monhollen with 9.22lbs, they caught thier fish on crankbaits around channel swings.  In third place with a weight of 7.80lbs was the team of Ben and Lacy Kabel.  Ben and Lacy caugth thier fish on alabama rigs fished around wood.  Big fish of the tournament was a smallmouth weighing 4.19lbs, caught on a jig in 6' of water, by the team of Jared Carpenter and Brian Ross.  The team of Daniel Smith and Grant Bryant won 2 gift cards of 50.00 each donated by LandBigFish and Dustin Napier and Nick Couch won a Lucas Marine produts gift bucket donated by Pittsburg Marine. These winners was determined by a non computer generated random draw before weighin.   I would like to give a big thanks to Jeremy Atwood for doing our devotion Saturday morning and to all our competitors for coming out to fish with us.  I also want to wish everyone and thier families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We also found a weighin bag on the road leaving the state park, so if you have lost one give me a call it may be yours.

Here is the unoffical results from yesterday.  

1st.  Estes/Hansford  12.39

2nd.  Jenkins/Monhollen 9.22

3rd.  Kabel/Kabel  7.80

4th.  Coulter/Elliot 4.90

5th.  Owens/Devere  4.42

6th.  Carpenter/Ross 4.19  Big Fish

7th.   Duncan/Gosser  3.29

8th.  Carman/Tyre  3.05

9th.  Ring/Clark  2.61

10th.  Oliver/Oliver  1.36

11th.  Gibson/Tanner 1.22

Everyone else is in a tie for 12th place.  The offical results will be updated this week, it takes some time to enter everyone back into the system when starting a new season.    

Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Bosts, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Power-Pole, T&H Marine, BassBoat Technologies, Amphibia Eyewear, Gator Guards, FroggToggs and Jacobs Glass.

We would also like to thank our local sponsors; Don Franklin, Pittsburg Marine, Andy Dunn D.W. Construction, LandBigFish, Beldon Concrete, Tip Top Contracting, Hayes HVAC, and Atwood Insurance.

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Lake Cumberland - 12/12/20