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 Cordell Insurance will be sponsoring our first tournament out of the Spillway. 

Thank you Chris Cordell for sponsoring this tournament. For all your insurance needs please give Chris a call. Cell 225-405-1749

Our Thurday night pre meeting was a huge sucess. We had 137 pelope showed up to hear Chaplain Mike Scott with the Ascension Parish police department deliver the meassage. His message was, are we living our lives the way Jesus showed us? Do your actions at work or with other truly reflect our christian life. 

Our 1st Fishers of Men tournament sponsored by Cordell Insurance was a record breaking one. We had 90 boats that braved the cold weather and tough fishing conditions for their shot at winning the largest payout for Fishers Of Men South Louisiana Tournament Trail. We paid out $16,175. Team St. Romain and Aucoin weighed in 18.52 and brought home 1st place worth $7,646.50. 2nd place team Michel and Gaudet had 17.52 and a total of $2,247.50. 3rd place weight was 16.57 brought in by team Heintze and Rushing with a paycheck of $1,365. Buckhorn Big Bass was caught by team Ledet and Nini that weighed 5.64 and a check for $700. Thank you Chris Cordell and Gary Mock for your continued support of Fishers of Men.

Hotel Information:

Tournament Fees
Angler 1
Angler 2

Roster Information:

Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
1st Flight Due in at 3:00
1 Teddy Granier Brandon Sanchez Y
2 Pat Joffrion Blayne Joffrion N
3 Jacob Mayer Marlon Karpinski Y
4 Koley Little Kelly Little Y
5 Jerm Simoneaux Blake Canella Y
6 Brooks Webre Kyle Guidry N
7 Randy Talbot Vincent Glorioso N
8 Joey stein Blake Bourque N
10 Richie Smith Brad Territo Y
11 Austin Legendre Neal Normand  Y
12 Alex Perret Cary Beard N
13 Beau Fitch Jeff mcmorris Y
14 Chucky Son Randy Son Y
15 Frank "Boo" Grizzaffi Barry Henry Y
16 Ivy Alberes Dena Alberes Y
17 Sandy Gaudet Winston Michel Y
18 Justin Mayers Cody Smith N
19 Joey Bennett Dennis Martinez Y
20 Fred King Don Shoopman N
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
2nd Flight Due in at 3:10 
21 Dustin Charbonnet  Jimmy Charbonnet Y
22 Wilson Couch Warren Couch N
23 Wade LeBlanc Carl Whittington Y
24 Brent Broussard Chuck Dufour Y
25 Connor Rushing Alex Heintz Y
26 Eugene Hoover Kevin Diez Y
27 Gary Haney Lonnie Boudreaux Y
28 Leroy Blanchard Alexander Blanchard Y
29 Malcolm Smith  Gary Christian Y
30 Paul Prudhomme Owen Plaisance N
31 Danny Aucoin Timmy Davis Y
32 Thomas McCrystal Sammy Cobb Y
33 Chris Cordell Byron Keith Y
34 Jason Pourciau Brett Sellers Y
35 Scott Buxton Randy Brown Y
36 George Valentine Phillip Valentine Y
37 Tyler Teague Teal Smith Y
38 Bubba Rossi Tim Guillaume Y
39 Andre Landry Chris Thornton Y
40 Brennan Huter Dylan Tempanaro Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
3rd Flight Due in at 3:20 
41 Ronnie Eschet Brent Duhon Y
42 Curry Schaubhut Brooks Forysth Y
43 Tom goins Thomas TJ Goins Y
45 Greg Bourque Clay Naquin N
46 Hal Pinho Lee Bierhorst Y
47 Paul Amedee Edward Burns Jr N
49 Robert Crowe Mike Jasinski Y
50 Jude Doughty Christopher Patin Y
51 Ronald Salvadras Corey Salvadras Y
52 Zach Burns Brian Bateman N
53 Casey St Romain Phillip Aucoin Y
55 Tanner Hayes Tyler Creel Y
56 Howard Hartley Chere' Hartley Y
57 Donald Rebstock Justin Hymel Y
58 Mike kelly Marlon Moore Y
59 Eric Thibodaux  Levi Thibodaux Y
60 Logan Latuso Ross Roper Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
4th Flight Due in at 3:30
61 Dustin Champagne Derek Lejeune  Y
62 Colby Thompson Jeremy Norris Y
63 Jonathan Payne Corey Babineaux N
64 Nathan Read Jeremy Ware N
65 Darin Ledet Kenneth Nini Y
66 Craig Walker Brent Bonadona Y
67 Jarrod Aucoin Anthony Scully Y
68 John Chaney Hanson Chaney Y
69 Patrick Rachel Spenser Gremillion Y
70 Aaron Choate John Domingues Y
71 Shane Eliser Jeff Coolman Y
72 Bryan Mistretta Ryan Gomez Y
73 Joey Decuir Mark Sylvester Y
74 Lee Arcement Kip Brassette Y
75 Jayson cryer Brennan cryer Y
76 Eric Weaver Devin Weaver Y
77 Alton Gajan Jeff Boudreaux Y
78 Charles Glorioso Caleb prestenbach Y
79 Damein Clements Daniel Bryant Y
80 Beau Theriot  Benji Son Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
5th Flight Due in at 3:40
81 Brandon Gomez Corey Martin  Y
82 Jeff Winston  Brandon Winston  Y
83 Mike Pyle  Joseph Martin  Y
84 Steven Graves  Lucas Villar Y
85 Samuel Martin  Blake Martin  Y
86 Steven Leach  Darren Hernandez N
87 Vernon Silver  Gerald Butler  Y
88 Joshua Carmena  Brandon Lesage  Y
89 Anthony Coye  Don Hutchinson  Y
90 David Cavell Corey Wheat  Y

Spillway - 01/16/21

1st place with a total weight of 18.52 worth $7646.50

2nd Place With a total weight of 17.52 worth $2247.50

3rd place with a total weight of 16.57worth $1365

Big Bass weight 5.64 worth $700