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Our Thursday night meeting speaker was Beryl Billiot our tournament sponsor. Beryl read from the book of Mathew, Jesus call us all to be Fishers of men. So how do we respond to that calling? Put your faith in the lord and allow him to lead the way. Thank you for your support of your ministries. 

Saturday morning we were rocked with high winds and heavy rain. We delayed the blast off but that didn't stop the 56 teams from going out and to claim their share of the $11,000 dollar payout. 1st place went to the local team Begnaud with a check for $1934. They didn't make the meeting so they lost out on the additional $3,600 payout. 2nd place was not disappointed that the 1st team didn't make the meeting as they walked away with $4934. 3rd place was father and son team of Couch and Couch who collected a check for $1538. 5.13 lbs Big Bass was caught by Darren Hernandez and was worth $530. 

ISO Services is our Henderson Tournament Sponsor 

Beryl Billiot Business Development Manager P: 225-500-2408   M. 601-761-0128

Thank you to for supporting Fishers of Men 

Location : Henderson Public Launch 

Boundaries: Can not lock through to Spillway. 

Captains Meeting : April 8th sign up starts at 6 PM and meeting to follow at 7pm 

Captains Meeting location : The VFW  42430 Churchpoint Rd, Gonzales, LA 70737

Mask are required 

For the teams that both anglers attend meeting, there will be a drawing for a $150 valued prize.

One angler must attend the meeting to be qualify for the additional payouts.

Hotel Information:

Tournament Fees
Angler 1
Angler 2

Roster Information:

Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
1st Flight Due in at 3:15
1 Ronald Salvadras Corey Salvadras Y
2 Brooks Webre Kyle Guidry Y
3 Jacob Mayer Marlon Karpinski Y
4 Shane Eliser Jeff Coolman Y
5 Samuel Martin Blake Martin Y
6 Brennan Huter Dylan Tempanaro Y
7 Eugene Hoover Kevin Diez Y
8 Colby Thompson Jeremy Norris Y
9 Malcolm Smith  Gary Christan  Y
10 Wade LeBlanc Carl Whittington Y
11  Jimmy Charbonnet Donnie Sperlock  Y
12 Jarrod Aucoin Anthony Scully Y
13 Eric Brignac Logan Fife N
14 Gary M Mock Lyle Mock Y
15 Neil whitam Jason graphia N
16 Justin Mayers Cody Smith N
17 Mike Pyle Joseph Martin Y
18 Pat Joffrion Jeff Winston Y
19 Robert Crowe Mike jasinski Y
20 John Chaney Hanson Chaney Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
2nd Flight Due in at 3:30 
21 Joseph Bennett Dennis Martinez Y
22 Danny Aucoin Timmy Davis Y
23 Brent Broussard Chuck Dufour Y
24 Wilson Couch Warren Couch Y
25 Tom Goins TJ Goins Y
26 George Valentine Phillip Valentine Y
27 Aaron Choate John Domingues Y
28 Logan Latuso Ross Roper Y
29 Chris Cordell Byron Keith Y
30 Alton Gajan Jeff Boudreaux Y
32 Beau Fitch Jeff mcmorris Y
33 Joey Decuir Mark Sylvester Y
34 Andre Landry Chris Thornton Y
35 Joey Bourgeois Michael Bowen Y
36 Sandy Gaudet Winston Michel Y
37 Patrick Rachel Spenser Gremillion Y
38 Jerm Simoneaux Blake Canella Y
39 Paul Begnaud Chester Begnaud N
40 Blake Bourque Joey Stein N
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
3rd Flight Due in at 3:45 
41 Austin Legendre Taylor Richard N
42 Hunter Thibodeaux Alex Lovell Y
43 Connor Rushing Alex Heintz Y
44 Lynn Alexander Denise Alexander Y
45 Paul Amedee Ed Burns Jr. Y
46 Phillip Brown Toby Sarradet N
47 Hal Pinho Lee Bierhorst Y
48 Neal Normand Tim Carmouche Y
49 Vernon Silver Gerald Butler Y
50 David Cavell Corey Wheat Y
51 Brandon Gomez Corey Martin Y
52 Harold Little Gary Robicheaux Y
55 Zach Burns Brian Bateman N
56 Clinton singleton Linzy Howard Y
57 Gary Haney Lonnie Boudreaux Y
58 Casey St.Romain Phillip Aucoin Y
59 Craig Walker Brent Bonadona Y
60 Steven Leach  Darren Hernandez N

Henderson - 04/10/21

1st place

2nd Place

3rd place

4th place

Big Bass