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Meet with Director, Dustin Dennis, prior to launching to get chip and check in.

Mandatory Meeting at 6:45 am on the water in your boat before blast off.

Blast off: 7am at Bee Run Boat Ramp(provided safe light/fog conditions)

Blast off Order is by random draw.

Please practice social distancing and health practices while around other people.

5 fish limit, 12" mininium.  Largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass.

7am-3pm.  Must have your chip in the bucket to the Director, Dustin Dennis, @ 3 pm.

Off limits is after 5 pm the Friday before the event, so March 5th.

Be courteous and polite to other anglers and boaters on water.

Life jackets/Vests must be worn at all times with Kill switches attached when the combustable motor in in gear and running.

Live wells must be shown to director prior to blast off that they are working.

Let's have fun, be safe and competitive!  

Give God the Blessings!






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Sutton Lake, WV - 03/06/21