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Lake Tillery Tournament 3/6/21

Swift Island Access 8006 NC-73, Mt Gilead

Entry fee dead line midnight Thursday, March 4th 

Blast Off: Safe light approximately 6:30am Check in 2:30pm first flight 2nd flight 2:45 3rd flight 3:00 4th flight 3:15. Have your boat in the water by 6:10 am we will go out to the mouth of the creek main lake point to have our meeting and blast off. Please be in that area by 6:15am

I have listed those teams that have paid for this tournament under roster. If you feel like you have paid and don’t see your name please give me a text or call.

I will post the blast off numbers and flight info on the web site under Lake Tillery tournament details roster information Friday morning by 11am March. 5th. I will also try to text everyone by 11am that Friday. If you have not received you blast off number check with your partner and if they do not have it give me a call or text at 336-577-7541 and I will text you.

Please have your boat in the water no later than 6:10am. You will not need to check in with me before you put your boat in the water. I will check live wells, running lights, kill switches and life jackets during blast off. We will have a short devotion and prayer before blast off. There will not be a meeting or meal at this event. All Anglers fishing will get the 50 bonus points for attending the meeting.

New guide lines for our tournaments:

1.  Everyone should maintain 6’ distance from others and avoid handshakes throughout the day.

2.  At weigh in we will have two tanks set up and spaced apart for social distancing of 6’.

Only two people per tank one at each end this will keep you 6’ apart. Only one team member to bring fish to tanks and scales.

3.  We will not be handing out the weigh slips. However we will have those for any issues. Weighs will be record on the board.

4.  We will have approximately 10 boats per flight. Please trailer out unless you came by water. We will not allow more than five teams at the weigh in tanks and scales at any time. 

5.  We will have  face protection at the scales if you need one and I encourage the person coming to the scales to wear one.

Tournament Fees
Tournament Location:
Angler Names:


Roster Information:

Flight Check in  Boat # Team BB
      Todd Harris/Chris Brown yes
      Josh Preslar/Neil Preslar yes
      Kenneth Earnhardt/Eric Rhodes yes
      Curtis Cox/ Shawn Williams yes
      Kenneth Shumate/Michael Norman yes
      Todd Parker/Tony Bush yes
      Chris Coble/Jim Long yes
      Robin Collins/Ronnie White yes
      Mike Coley/Alan Thompson yes
      Cody Thompson/Ethan Cox yes
      Dave Snyder/John Griffin no
      Jody Moore/Brice Hollis no
Flight Check in  Boat # Team BB
      Kent Reed/Byron Odaniel yes
      Mark Bayse/Audrey Bayse yes
      Allen Sinclair/Gary Thurman yes
      Michael Davis/Dean Talbert yes
      Ricky Goins/Joseph Mahaffey no
      Scott Henley/Matt Henley yes
      Matthew McLean/Justin Lowe no
      Brent Kukowski/Pat Carter no
      Tony Foster/Steve Sink yes

Tillery - 03/06/21