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Mark and Audrey Bayse win at Tuckertown!! They take home the 1st place trophy and over $3,000 in prize money.


Curtis Cox brought Gods word to us Saturday morning.

That the mission/ministry God has planned for us will be clear & we will be obedient.

Luke 24:32

32 And they said one to another, did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.


 Saturday morning was unseasonably cool with overcast skies. Unfortunately the weather got worse by 10am the rains had set in and heavy showers by noon. The fishing was mixed with some teams finding the bite difficult and reporting losing several fish while others were able to locate and land several good bags. The husband and wife team of Mark and Audrey Bayse took 1st place and over $3,300 with 21.91 lbs.  2nd place went to the team of Timothy and Allen Robbins with 20.94 lbs. and winnings of $1,202. 3rd place and $835 went to Michael Coly and Alan Thompson with 20.18 lbs. Chris Brown and Todd Harris brought in 19.98 lbs. with a 6.01 lb. Big Fish of the tournament and took home $688. Rounding out the teams in the money was 5th place Brian File and Nick Bashford with 19.42 lbs. 6th place went to CJ Johnston and Matt Stanley with 18.76 lbs. 7th place went to Tony Foster and Steve Sink with 18.03 lbs. 8th place went to Michael Cribb and Joe Bullard with 17.57 lbs.



Michael Coley won the Rock Outdoors $250 bonus for the highest place finish in a Rock Outdoor purchased boat.


Morgan Benton won the $50 Youth Bonus from our Tuckertown tournament.


Matt McLean and Justin Lowe won the team out of the money drawing from the high Rock tournament. Free entry into our Badin tournament.


Gary Abbott won the Rock Outdoor Legends Bonus from the High Rock tournament.


Come join us at our last regular season tournament May 15th on Badin.


We want to thank Rock Outdoors our NC Piedmont Division Sponsor. Please support them by shopping their store for all your outdoor needs.


Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare,  Power-Pole,  BassBoat Technologies, Amphibia Eyewear, T&H Marine, Gator Guards, Frogg Toggs,  Jacobs Glass


Tournament Fees
Tournament Location:
Angler Names:


Roster Information:

Flight Check in  Boat # Team BB
1 2:30 1 Kenneth Shumate/Michael Norman/ yes
1 2:30 2 Mark Bayse/Audrey Bayse yes
1 2:30 3 Josh Preslar/Neil Preslar yes
1 2:30 4 Jim Long/Chris Coble Yes
1 2:30 5 Curtis Cox/ Shawn Williams yes
1 2:30 6 Robin Collins/Ronnie White yes
1 2:30 7 Mark Green/Jamie Benton no
1 2:30 8 Ethan Cox/Cody Thompson yes
1 2:30 9 Chris Brown/Todd Harris yes
1 2:30 10 Barry Davis/Thomas Simmerson no
1 2:30 11 Randy Weddington/Ronnie Smith yes
1 2:30 12 Jerris Bush/Tyler Lawwill no
1 2:30 13 Dave Snyder/Bill Griffin no
1 2:30 14 Brent Robertson/Tim Ramey no
Flight Check in  Boat # Team BB
2 2:45 15 Joey Calloway/Dustin Calloway no
2 2:45 16 Allen Sinclair/Gary Thurman yes
2 2:45 17 Roger Porter/Rodney Porter no
2 2:45 18 Michael Love/Joshua Love no
2 2:45 19 Brandon and Morgan Benton no
2 2:45 20 Ray Furr/Dean Lambeth no
2 2:45 21 Matt McLean/Justin Lowe no
2 2:45 22 Greg Gooch/Gary Abbott yes
2 2:45 23 Tony Foster/Steve Sink yes
2 2:45 24 Brad Peyton/Tony Bush yes
2 2:45 25 Michael Kinard/Aaron Harwood yes
2 2:45 26 Todd Treece/Lance Isenhour yes
2 2:45 27 Alan Thonpson/Mike Coley yes
2 2:45 28 Robert Mixon/Robert Lambert yes
Flight Check in  Boat # Team BB
3 3pm 29 Jerry Davis/Darrell Crumbley yes
3 3pm 30 Brice Hollis/Jody Moore no
3 3pm 31 Maurice Parent/Michael Harrah yes
3 3pm 32 Justin Rutherford/Chris Mcfayden no
3 3pm 33 Kenneth Earnhardt/Eric Rhodes yes
3 3pm 34 Allen Robbins/Brian Robbins yes
3 3pm 35 Robert Branson/Andrew Wilson Yes
3 3pm 36 Dusty Taylor/Nick Williams yes
3 3pm 37 Chad Poteat/ Maurice Freeze yes
3 3pm 38 Michael Cribb/Joe Bullard no
3 3pm 39 CJ Johnson/Matt Stanley no
3 3pm 40 Michael Davis/Dean Talbert yes
3 3pm 41 Kent Reed/Byron Odaniel yes
3 3pm 42 Nick Bashford/Brain File yes

Tuckertown - 04/24/21

Mark & Audrey Bayse

Timothy & Allen Robbins

Alan Thompson & Michael Coley

Chris Brown & Todd Harris

Brian File & Nick Bashford

Tony Bush & Brad Peyton

Morgan & Brandon Benton