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There will not be a Friday night meeting for this event due to Covid-19. There will be a meeting following the tournament on Saturday. Memberships are due before entering a tournament, and we also ask that you pay your entry fee online under North GA schedule header. If you have not been in touch with me please do so as soon as possible. You can call or text me @ 678-800-3753, I need your name, phone number and partners name and phone number. We use the app called "Group Me" for all of our latest information. For those unaware of this app, we will help you in getting it setup. This is the best way to keep everyone up to date as quick as we can. 

Roster Information:

Ray/Smith BB

Edwards/Szabo BB


Bearden?Williamson BB

Ortiz/Jennings BB

Jackson/Snyder BB

Perdue/Hampton BB







Lanier - 01/30/21