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Wow what a tournament and what crazy weather we have.... who would have ever predicted cold fronts and 40 degree tempatures in May? We would like to congradulate our winners Duane Houk and Ron Mckee with a 15.60 bag! Morrow/Moon took 2nd place honors, Clauss/Roland brought home a 3rd place finish. We would also like to congradulate Drew Baskins and Jody Hughes for battling through a very tight points race to win back to back Angler of the Year titles!!! We look forward to a new season that starts this Fall!!! Also remember we will take 20 teams to The Battle on the Border tournament on Eufala

Roster Information:

Taylor/Pope BB

Phillips/Postel BB

Ramsey/McKey BB


Gentry/Jordan BB

Bearden/Williamson BB

Overbay/Beasley BB

Sullens/McIntyre BB

Mathis/Spain BB


Morrow/Moon BB

Ray/Smith BB

Anglin/Anglin BB

Lutes/Martin BB

Clauss/Roland BB

Jackson/Snyder BB

Houk/Mckee BB

Edwards/Szabo BB

Hughes/Baskins BB

King/Stevens BB

Ortiz/Jennings BB

Hughes/Johnson BB

Perdue/Hampton BB


Brannon/Brannon BB




Clarks Hill - 05/08/21