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Our 2nd tournament 28 teams with 25 teams in bouns bucks. We got started with a devo on the water. I asked 2 questions. Do you want to go to HEAVEN? If you died today do you know you would go to HEAVEN? Scriture used to re visit: Romans 3 all have sinned, John 3:16 Believing for salvation, Mark 16:16 Believing and Baptisim for salvation, 1John 1:7 walking in Light He forgives ALL OUR SINS, 1 JOHN 5:13 That You Can KNOW You Have Eternal Life. Of course about time to take off the rain started and lasted 4-5 hours and then the wind picked up ( Thank God no lighting this time).Big bite seamed to be off. Team of Floyd and Dee Ann Williams was 1st with 12.98, Cory Hale and Danial Lefebvre 2nd with 12.08, 3rd going to Mike Hollingshead and Johnny Mitchell with 11.48, 4th Chase Morgan and Teddy Rediker with 10.95, and 5th Robert Brownlee and Kent McAfee with 10.52. Big fish went to Chris and Riley Todd with a 5.68 largemouth. 

 Big thanks to all our sponsers and fishermen and women. Next stop back at Percy Priest on May 1 with a Friday night meeting starting at 5:00. see tournament details

Roster Information:


Old Hickory - 04/10/21

1st place Floyd and Dee Ann Williams 12.98

2nd place Cory Hale and Danial Lefebvre 12.08

3rd place Mike Hollinghead and Johnny Mitchell 11.48

4th place Chase Morgan and Teddy Rediker 10.95

Big Fish Chris and Riley Todd 5.68

2nd Big fish Thomas Powell and Cody Trull 4.72