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Hello folks ,

Our second event will be this upcoming saturday ,  on Lake Anna . We will be launching from Anna Point Marinia located at 13721 Anna Point Lane Mineral, VA 23117. 

We will start registration on the porch of Fish Tales store or at the trailer which will be located by the pavilion . The registration will start at 0500.  

If you are a new team fishing your fist event make sure you have went on line and  joined as a member prior to Saturday morning . Only Adults need a membership. If you are a member in any other division such as Team division you are good, you will not need a second  membership . Again the youth does not need a membership . Please have your membership number handy it will help move things along . Also make sure you have the youths SS# handy  for the National office to record winnings .

The tournament fees will be collected then.  The Tournament entry fee is 80.00  and 25 dollars bonus bucks if you want to get in as a option .

Bonus bucks are not required , they just add a side pot, if you will, which is 100% pay back .

The tournament pays 1 spot per avery three entry also Bonus bucks pathree spots 1st ,2nd,and 3rd . Please review rules before competing . 

The plan is to register ,  pay fees , and purchase raffle tickets which is our main income used to run the trails and purchase trophies and such.

Launch your boat and take care of your launch fee ,.  We will have a short message by the pavilion or on the water ,  close with a short prayer and play the National Anthem and release the anglers to fish from the left dock next to the rental boats . 

Weigh in will be 1:00  and will be under the pavilion . The raffle table will be set up under the pavilion. Please check in at the same dock by the American Flag before 1;00  . This will be a trailer weigh in.


Remember the youth will need to be 19 or under by January 1st of 2021. You may have as many in the boat as the law will allow but only two rods in the water at one time and one must be a youth angler .  In other words for younger kids , Grandfather s or mothers can ride but cannot aid the youth in any way of landing the fish.  ( the purpose is to allow others to make sure the child is safe )

We look forward to seeing everyone , We expect around 20 boats for this Derby .

Please have patients with us we are expecting  a new grandaughter  any moment this week  but we are going on as planned. 

Happy Mothers Day !!   

Thanks , Curtis and Rhonda .  (804)405-5197

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Legacy Tournment

LAKE ANNA - 05/08/21