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There will be a Pre-Tournament Meeting Friday Night from 6-8PM at Barefoot Cove Marina. Registration will begin at 5PM with a free dinner served at 6:00PM. Launch order is in the order in which we receive entries. 

Print off an entry form, sign it and bring it with you. https://www.fomntt.com/Berkely_Team_Series.pdf

*$3,000 Top Prize 

3 Hourly prizes  6am- 11am *$250, *$150, *$100
1 Last Hour Prize *$500
(*Based on 100 anglers )

$100 Scheels Gift Card to any angler who weighs in a keeper Bass that ends in .81

Saturday May 8, 2020 6 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Clinton Lake Marina Ramp
Entry Fee $75 Per Angler

Entry Fee
Angler 1
Angler 2


All Entries receive FREE commemorative T-Shirt guaranteed to all entries paid by April 15. Goal of this event is to raise funds for the C.J. Parks Memorial Scholarship that awards a deserving student a $1000 College Sc Entry Form

Insurance Company: ____________________
Policy #: ___________ Shirt Size: __________
Name:  ________________________________
Address: ______________________________
City: _______________ St: _____ Zip: ______
Social Security #: _______________________
Date of Birth: __________  Cell #: __________
E-Mail: _______________________________
Signature: _____________________________
Guardian: (If Required) _________________
I, the above signed, agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Fishers of Men Ministry Inc., its officers, sponsors, or anyone working with the trail for any damages, injuries, or death that occur as a result of my participation in this event, whether arising from negligence of said releases or otherwise to the fullest extent of the law, we also give permission for our quotes, pictures, or videos bearing our likeness to be used in promotional activities without compensation, and acknowledge that I have read and understand the tournament rules.


Contact Information: Director Illinois Central Division– Carl Parks 217-621-1386
cparks@fomntt.com www.fomntt.com
 Official Rules and Regulations:

1. Participants and Eligibility Open to all individuals, male and female; Those under 18 years of age, not fishing with a parent, must be fishing with an adult and have written permission from a parent or guardian. Fishers of Men reserves the right to reject any entries which we feel are not in the best interest of the tournament.

2. Entry Fee $75 Per Angler $150 Per Team. You can have more than two anglers in each boat.

3. Prize Payout Prize money will be awarded following the final hourly weigh-in. Top Prize of $3,000 will be paid to the angler or team with the biggest bass of the tournament (If 100 paid participants are entered in the event). The top three bass for each hour (6 Hours) will receive as follows:$250, 1st, $150, 2nd, $100, 3rd. These amounts may be adjusted for more or less than 64 paid participants. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes on any moneys or prizes won. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the participant who weighs in their fish first.

4. Off Limits Tournament waters will be off limits from 12:00 A.M. Friday May 7 until the start of the tournament. TEAMS MAY NOT RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THE TOURNAMENT WATERS DURING THE OFF-LIMITS PERIOD. Teams may not have the assistance of any non-competitor for the purpose of locating or catching fish on the competition day. Any competitor found guilty of violating the off-limits period will have their catch disqualified and face a disciplinary hearing before being allowed to fish any more on the Trail

5. Tournament Hours Tournament hours will be from 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Boat Check 5:00-5:30, Pre-Tournament meeting at 5:45 a.m. at Marina Ramp 

6. Launch Sequence Starting positions will be determined by the order in which entries are received.

7. Safety Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Each competitor is required to wear a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device, securely fastened, at all times while the boat is being propelled by the combustion engine. Furthermore, a kill switch must be fastened to the driver any time the combustion engine is propelling the boat. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification of the offending angler’s catch. Running lights must be operational and turned on at the blast-off of each tournament. Each competitor‘s boat must be equipped with a live well system capable of keeping a tournament limit of bass alive. Any boat equipped with a motor that exceeds the horse power rating of the boat according to the manufacturer is prohibited from being used in a Fishers of Men Tournament. All auxiliary gas tanks and bladder tanks that are not installed by the boat manufacturer are prohibited. Additional gas tanks that are factory options and installed by a manufacturer's authorized dealer are legal. Boats that do not have factory-installed gas tanks are restricted to a maximum of 18 gallons of gasoline in tanks that meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Gas tanks must be properly secured or strapped in the boat. During the tournament, no portable gas tanks or containers capable of holding gasoline can be placed anywhere on the tournament waters or shoreline for use by any tournament competitor.

8. Sportsmanship Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation. No angler may fish within 50 yards of any other boat which is anchored with the trolling motor up. Furthermore, no angler may fish within 25 yards of any other boat without the other boater’s permission. Permission may not be granted to any angler at the exclusion of any other angler. No hole sitting by a non-competitor or by another competitor, to aid a tournament participant will be allowed. Violators will have their catch disqualified.

9. Tackle and Fishing Methods Only artificial baits may be used. No live or cut bait is permitted (pork baits are permitted). All bass must be caught alive in a legal and sporting manner. No snagging. Each competitor may only use 1 rod at a time. No more than 1 line in the water at a time per angler. Trolling with the combustion motor is not permitted. No competitor may leave the boat to land or catch fish.

10. State and Federal Game Regulations All participants are expected to abide by all state and federal laws and game regulations. Any angler who intentionally violates a law or regulation in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage will have their catch disqualified. In the case of multiple governing authorities, the strictest law is applicable. Any participant who consumes, or is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, stimulants or depressants during any Fishers of Men function will have their catch disqualified. (prescribed medications taken per doctor’s instructions are excluded)

11. Scoring Only Largemouth, Smallmouth or Kentucky Spotted Bass may be weighed in. Bass must be at least sixteen (16) inches to be weighed in. Short fish will not be weighed. No Dead fish will be weighed. No participant may have more than three (3) bass (per Participant) in his/her possession at any time during official event hours. If two anglers are fishing in the same boat the fish must be kept separate. Anglers fishing from the same boat may not share fish. Each angler can only weigh in one bass per hour. An angler must be in the weigh-in line and checked-in to have their catch considered for that hour.

12. Emergencies Competitors shall remain in the boat at all times during the tournament, except in the event of sickness or brief excursions for "nature calling", severe storm or other such hazard. It is permitted for a competitor to leave the boat for marina services. On competition days, competitors may leave the boat to dislodge it, but only to return the boat in the direction it came from. Leaving the boat, on a competition day, to advance it is not permitted. (In falling water conditions, a team may leave the boat to advance it only to return from water they accessed without leaving the boat.) If for any reason either or both anglers decide to leave the tournament waters early, both anglers shall bear full responsibility for notifying a tournament official. If one angler leaves the water early, he/she must notify the director before returning to fish and the other angler may continue fishing in his/her absence. In the event that he/she does not intend to return, his/her partner may continue fishing alone for the remainder of the tournament hours. In case of a breakdown, anglers may return with fish by another tournament boat but must keep their catch separate from the other anglers.

13. Weigh-in Procedures Weigh-in will be on a first come first serve basis. Hourly Weigh-ins are held at 6:00-7:00 a.m, 7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Once fish have been presented to a tournament official to be weighed-in all fish become the property of the event and released back into the lake alive, if possible. No participant may weigh more than one (1) bass per official hour. Bass entered as a part of big bass of the hour does not carry forward from hour to hour. Participants biggest bass is registered into the final overall standings. All bass being brought to the scales must be in a weigh bag with adequate water. Bags will be provided if necessary. Bass must be alive to be weighed-in. Bass must be weigh-in by the participant who originally caught the bass and it must be in said participants actual physical possession in the weigh-in line. In the event of a tie for the overall big bass, the winner will be the participant that weighs in the winning fish first. Teams not weighing any fish are still required to check in with tournament officials in order to account for all teams. Once an angler has checked in or left the boat for the purpose of checking in, that angler cannot continue to fish.

14. Check in and Late Penalties All anglers must be back and checked in by their appointed time. Competitors who are not checked in by their check-in deadline will be penalized at a rate of 1 pound per minute, up to 15 minutes at which time their catch will be disqualified. The check-in procedure may be a staff person with a check-in list, or other process as deemed necessary by the director. It is each competitor’s responsibility to know their check-in time and the check in procedure.

15. Protest and Polygraph Test Any protest must be submitted in writing to the tournament director within 15 minutes of the close of the weigh-in. In any case when a written protest is filed with the director, it is required that the director must contact the National Office before making a ruling. The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail reserves the right to give a polygraph or other truth verification test to any participant at any time. This test does not have to be administered on site and may be set up by the tournament director at his discretion. All participants agree to abide by the results of any polygraph or other truth verification test administered. In the event of a protest and an off-site polygraph or other truth verification test the tournament director will have the option of mailing all the checks to the teams in the money pending the outcome of the test.

16. Liability Insurance All boat owners must carry a minimum of $100,000 of liability insurance on any boat they use during any Fishers of Men Tournament. Failure to do so or reporting of false information will result in disqualification of catch. Participants must include the company name and either the policy number or the name of the agent binding the coverage on the entry form for each tournament.

17. Violation of Rules and Disqualification The violation of a tournament rule by any angler may result in weight loss, the loss of weight up to a particular time in the tournament day (eligible for a restart), loss of weight for the entire day, disqualification for the entire tournament or, in an extreme circumstance, ineligibility to participate in future FOM events. If the director feels that their violation was a willful attempt to gain an unfair advantage or to intentionally cheat, then the director has the right to refuse entry from that angler or anglers in the future and may inform all other Fishers of Men directors of the situation.

18. Rules Enforcement It is the tournament director’s responsibility to enforce all of these rules as they are written. Infractions of any rule may result in a penalty or disqualification of catch. In any issue not specifically covered in these rules the director must contact the National Office before making a ruling.

Roster Information:


(OPEN) C.J. Parks Big Bass Memorial Tournament- Clinton Lake - 05/08/21