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2021 Shakespeare Legacy Series Championship


• SITE: Wheeler


• LOCATION: Decatur AL


• DATES: July 30-31, 2021 


• MEETING: July 29, 2021


• HOST: Decatur Morgan County Tourism


• OFFICIAL PRACTICE: No official practice period for this tournament


• OFF LIMITS:  The tournament water will be off limits during the pre-tournament registration times and the virtual meeting.


• PERMITTED FISHING AREAS: The water inside Ingalls Harbor will be off limits. Any area posted as “No Trespassing” or “No Fishing” areas will be off limits.


• LAUNCH SITE: Ingalls Harbor



Ingalls Harbor Pavilion

802 Wilson St NW

Decatur, AL 35601



• MEAL & MEETING TIME: 6:00- (All teams must have at least one member in attendance for the entire meeting)

Flight assignments and times will be given at the meeting

****Any changes that become necessary due to Covid response restrictions will be posted here. Please re-check this page before traveling.

Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.

Boat # Division Name Name Entry
1 AL NW Mike Sandlin  Wheeler Vaughn Pd+BB
2 AL NE Albert Lovvorn  Josh Everett Pd+BB
3 AL NW Justin Bradford   Brendon Bradford Pd+BB
4 AL NW Daniel Carruth  Ty Curruth Pd+BB
5 AL NW Greg Tomlin  Wyatt Tomlin Pd+BB
6 MS Frank Morton  Paxton McConnell Pd+BB
7 AL NE Shane Bryson  Britlyn Bryson Pd+BB
8 GA W Tucker Hipkiss  Ron Hipkiss  Pd+BB
9 VA E Kevin Beasley  Jacob Neff Pd+BB
10 AL NE Tim Miller  John Womack Pd
11 MS Brian Townsend  Carter Townsend Pd+BB
12 AL C Colton Bassett  Ruston Bassett Pd+BB
13 GA N Stephen McCombs  Brodie Rickman Pd
14 GA N Robert Brannon  Cadence Brannon Pd
15 AL C Steve Watson  Landin Norris Pd
16 AL NE Steven Cromer  Garrett Cromer Pd
17 AL NW Kenny England  Beau England Pd+BB
18 SC U Adam Bernshausen  Daniel Bernshausen Pd+BB
19 MS Hunter King  Brent King Pd+BB
20 GA N Dustin Ray  Kaleb Cox Pd+BB
21 AL NW Joe Garrie  Chesney Garrie Pd+BB
22 AL NW Allen Johnson  Lake Johnson Pd+BB
23 MS Richard Parker  Andy Nelson Pd+BB
24 MS Jason McPhail  Triston McPhail Pd+BB
25 GA W Sean Lawson  Brooks Lawson Pd+BB
26 IL N Todd Haymond  Hunter Haymond Pd+BB
27 SC U Bryan Burton  Austin Burton Pd+BB
28 AL S Zachery White  Zhane White Pd+BB
29 AL NW Wallace Osborn  Kaden Osborn Pd+BB
30 MS James Powe  Tanner Powe Pd
31 SC L Ronald Mueller  Lane Mueller Pd+BB
32 AL NW Jimmy Mitchell  Cole Mitchell Pd+BB
33 SC U Brad Burdette  Logan Burdette Pd+BB
34 MS Michael Moore  Nathan Moore Pd+BB
35 MS David Godwin  Jacob Godwin Pd+BB
36 AL NE Sam Windham  Sam Windham IV Pd+BB
37 PA C Darin Witherup  Michael Witherup Pd+BB
38 AL NW Aaron Barley  Matthew Chunn Pd+BB
39 MS Jimmy Chapman  Brakian Chapman Pd+BB
40 AL S Ashton Booth  Wyatt Booth Pd
41 VA W Dustin Riddle  Ryland Riddle Pd+BB
42 AL NW Briana Tucker  Noah Curruth Pd+BB
43 AL NE Tim Harbison  Clay Harbison Pd+BB
44 SC U Ben Franklin  Jackson Franklin Pd
45 SC U Quinton Frankiewicz   Jakob Jackson Pd+BB
46 SC L Michael Royals  Michael Royals  Pd+BB
47 MS Randy Thrash Tyler Nicholson Pd
48 SC L Jimmy Boyter  Jase Boyter Pd+BB
49 MS Colby Criddle Shaw Lancaster Pd+BB
50 AL NW Jimmy Garrie  Grace McMillian  Pd+BB
51 AL NW Dennis Defoor  Kannen DeFoor Pd+BB
52 AL NE Richard McEarchern  Cameron McEarchern Pd+BB
53 AL S Joe Turner  Garrett Sullivan Pd+BB
54 AL C Michael Markham  Michael Markham Jr Pd+BB
55 VA W Anthony McCraw  Tucker Beamer Pd+BB
56 AL NE Steve Wilson  Ethan Franklin Pd+BB
57 PA C Daun Nicholson  Avery Nicholson  Pd+BB
58 AL NE Randall Hollingsworth  Charles Hollingsworth Pd+BB
59 AL NE Joseph Albus  Cody Albus Pd
60 SC U Keith Mock  Aldon Youmans Pd+BB
61 AL NW Ella Blayke Wimberley   Justin Wimberley Pd+BB
62 VA W Russell Nixon  Levi Marshall Pd+BB
63 AL NE Jimmy Mason  Wheeler Mason Pd+BB
64 MS Steven Goss  Payton Corley Pd+BB
65 SC U Kevin Brodrick Bo Brodrick Pd+BB
66 AL NW Chris Baldus  Aslyn Baldus Pd+BB
67 MS Lew Harveston  Grant Harveston Pd+BB
68 AL S Kevin Diamond  Logan Faith Pd+BB
69 AL NW Mitch Rollins  Jackson Rollins Pd+BB
70 AR NW Jamie Ulbrich  Max Betz Pd
71 AL NW Chris Cooper  Logan Cooper Pd+BB
72 MS Rodney Murray  Justin Murray Pd+BB
Legacy Tournment

Shakespeare Legacy Series Championship on Wheeler-Day 2 - 07/31/21
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