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Meet at Squants Pond boat Launch @ 6 a.m. we will do a short devotion before launching. We cannot run motor until 8 a.m. , we will use trolling motor only until that time. Weigh in is at 3p.m.

If you have PayPal you can pay your entry fee by sending to please email entry form or mail with your check if have not paid through PayPal to Larry Keeno 90 Orchard Hill Rd, Middletown NY 10941. I must receive your entry form prior to Friday 9 April 2021. I will not accept entries on day of tournament. If there is some reason you cannot get me an entry form, please contact me at 914-805-2247 to let me know your coming and I will add you to roster. Until further notice we will not be doing our Friday night meetings, but we will ensure you receive a message prior to launching to keep our obedience to spreading the Gospel. I pray you all will be blessed. 


Hotel Information:

If you need a place to crash for the night I am opening my home up to anyone who wishes to stay. I am 1 hour from Launch.

Roster Information:

Larry Keeno/Robert Keeno

Jaff Raner/ Ryan Fricia

Terry and Audrey reed

John Schneider and Glnn Harding


Candlewood Lake - 04/10/21

1st Place John Schneider and Glenn Harding

2nd Place Audrey Reed with 1st Place Glenn Harding