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It is time again for the GA Raffle for our division. There will be some changes this year. Please sale tickets and participate
1. $100 per ticket
2. 10 main prizes 
   a. Set of Power Pole Blades*
   b. $1,000 gift certificate to Pure Fishing*
   c. $1,500 Electronic Package*
   d. Pitt Boss Pellet Grill
   e. Diamond Earrings*
   f. Beretta A400 Lite*
   g. Glock 17*
   h. Drake Rain Suit*
   i. K2 65 Qt Cooler
   j. Ocean Waves Sunglasses
3. 1:10 Odds. Over 10 prizes will be filled with FX Custom Rods
4. * or FOMNTT Cash Equivalent
5. Drawing will be on October 7 at the GA Regional
6. Proceeds from the drawing will go to 1, 2 and 3 place in next year tournaments. There may be more options dependent on how successful we are and what the committee decides
7. Highest Selling Team if greater than $5k, entry fees will be paid in full by FOM GA South for the 2022 season (5 tournaments).
8. For every 10 tickets sold I will give you one free ticket.
8. SALE SALE SALE tickets

Tickets can also be purchased below or on the FOMNTT GA South schedule page.
2021 FOM GA South Fundraiser

Roster Information:


GA SOUTH RAFFLE - 10/07/21

Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points