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Our Janurary 15th tournament out Dorion's launch in Stevensville is sponsored by PSS-Process Service Specialists LLC contact Shane Ellisar 225-715-7442

Captains Meeting :  1/13/22 signup starts at 6 PM and meeting to follow at 7pm. You must attend the meeting for additional payouts. 

Captains Meeting location :  44450 LA-429, St Amant, LA 70774

Boundaries: You can not go east of Bayou Shafer south of Hwy 90 on spillway side and can not lock through to the Lake Verret side at the Sorrel or Amelia.

Tournament Day : You must check in at the back of the store before launching. All boats will be checked behind the store before you cross over. 


Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our NATIONAL & LOCAL Sponsors:

National sponsors

 BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Power-Pole, T&H Marine, BassBoat Technologies, Amphibia Eyewear,  Gator Guards, Frogg Toggs, and  Jacobs Glass

Local Sponsors 

Process Service Specialists, LLC, Mike Pyle owner of PWI, Catamaran, Optimal Field Services, LLC, GreenWell Springs Marine, Chris Cordell and Cordell Insurance, Mike Oncle and Cajun Outboards Speed Tankwash, Louisiana Scrap and Buckhorn Services Geaux Signs.  





Hotel Information:

Tournament Fees
We agree to the Fishers of men terms and waivers
Angler 1
Angler 2

Roster Information:

Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
1st Flight Due in at 3:00
1 Gary M Mock Lyle Mock Y
2 Hal Pinho Lee Bierhorst Y
3 Chris Day Tim Carmouche Y
4 Patrick Rachel Spencer Gremillion Y
5 Vernon Silver Gerald Butler Y
6 Malcolm Smith  Gary Christan  Y
8 Bubba Rossi Tim Guillaume Y
9 Paul Amedee Edward Burns y
10 Dwain Chaney Dillon King Y
11 Chris Cordell Byron Keith Y
12 Donald Stoetzner Barbara Stoetzner Y
13 Jacob Mayer Marlon Karpinski Y
14 Lonnie Boudreaux Gary Haney Y
15 Wilson Couch Warren Couch Y
16 Wendell Meyers Melvin Meyers Y
17 Curt G. Gauthe Tyler Peterson Y
18 Jarod worthy Chris Steffers Y
19 Robert Jackson Charles Edler Y
20 Cole Amedee Dylan Breaux Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
2nd Flight Due in at 3:10 
21 Ross Roper Logan Latuso Y
22 Jeramie Simoneaux Blake Canella Y
23 Thomas McCrystal Danny Aucoin Y
24 Connor Rushing Alex Heintz Y
25 Jarrod Aucoin Anthony Scully Y
26 Colby Pujol Sidney Pujol Y
27 Tre Gautreau Britt Waguespack N
28 James Waller Peyton Waller Y
29 Joseph Bennett Dennis Martinez Y
30 Shane Eliser Jeff Coolman Y
31 Beau Fitch Jeff Mcmorris Y
32 Mark Sylvester Joey Decuir Y
33 Justin Mayers Cody Smith N
34 George Valentine Phillip Valentine Y
35 Zach Burns Brian Bateman Y
36 Tom Goins TJ Goins Y
37 Brett Foret Lenny Acosta Y
38 clinton singleton linzy howard Y
39 Neal Normand Garrett Strickland Y
40 Ronald Salvadras Corey Salvadras Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
3rd Flight Due in at 3:20 
41 David Cavell Corey Wheat Y
42 Matthew Hodge Kenneth Miller N
43 Wade LeBlanc Carl Whittington Y
44 Alex Perret Cary Beard N
45 Benji sons Peyton Grizzaffi Y
46 Brent Broussard Chuck Dufour Y
47 Casey St. Romain Bradley Matte Y
48 John Chaney Hanson Chaney Y
49 Thomas Read Jeremy Ware N
50 Caleb prestenbach Charles Glorioso Y
51 Eric Smith Kyle Guidry Y
52 Brandon Sanchez Kyle Hills Y
53 Shannon Fairchild Wayne Major Y
54 Troy Tempanaro Dylan Tempanaro Y
55 Chucky Son Randy Son Y
56 Sandy Gaudet Winston Michel Y
57 Scott Buxton Randy Brown Y
58 Jamie Laiche Paul Carmouche Y
59 Colby Thompson Austin Legendre Y
60 Jeff Winston Leavitt Hamilton Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
4th Flight Due in at 3:30
61 Peyton Matherne Erich Matherne Y
62 Phillip Brown Brennan Parr Y
63 Don Minor Ackaloy Paul Y
65 Chad Ayzienne Justin Aysen Y
66 Brandon Bergeron Jeffrey Andre Y
67 Kevin Hebert Adam Marceaux Y
68 Doug Bergeron Marvin Alleman Y
69 Patrick Joffrion Blayne Joffrion N
70 Garrett Kemp Blake Sylvester Y
71 Jordan Gautreaux Josh Gautreaux Y
72 Samuel Martin Blake Martin N
73 Justin Watts Blake Betz Y
75 Leroy Blanchard Alexander Blanchard Y
76 Boyd Gautreau Wesley Juneau N
77 Brent Bonadona Craig Walker Y
78 Anthony Amorello Matt Milioto  Y
79 Jason Campbell Jeff Lipari  Y
80 Jimmy Charbonnet  Donnie Spurlock Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
5th Flight Due in at 3:40
81 Don Hutchinson Anthony Coye  Y
82 Chris Thornton  Terry Adams  Y
83 Neil Whitaim Skip Rayborn  Y
84 Howard Hartley  Chere Hartley  Y
85 Kyle Andrews  Josh Sanders  Y
86 Wilson Couch Bruno Savoia  Y
87 Dallas Lavrent  Bishop Gehegan N
88 Jayson Cryer  Brennan Cryer  Y
89 Bryan Bergeron Ryan Kemp Y
90 Teddy Granier  Jeremy Norris  Y
91 Matt Nobile  Donald Redbstock  Y
92 Frank Sanford  Brayn Gaubert  N
93 Calvin Nguyen Cory Scullan  Y
94 Hunter David  Colt Murphy  Y
95 Doug Mcclung  Kyle Bourgeois  Y

Spillway - 01/15/22

1st place

2nd Place

3rd place

Big Bass

4th place