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We are super excited to get our 2022 season started this weekend! Not only that, we are kicking it off with a Super Tournament, where GA North and GA Blue Ridge hit the same lake at the same time!!! Teams that wish to obtain points from both divisons must double enter the tournament through each divison. Tournament will be safelight to 3:00 pm. Size limit for this tournament will be 14 inches across the board. Please rember cutt-off times for entries are the Wednesday proceeding the tournament at midnight, however we are offering grace on the first one! We will be at the ramp around 5:30 am at the FairGrounds ramp to begin check-in. Everyone fishing the event must check-in at the trailer before launching their boats. Instead of a Friday night meeting Jason Clauss will be delevring our inspirational message live following the weigh-in. Thanks and God Bless!



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Chatuge (Super Tournament - 10/23/21