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Entry for event is now open!

Top teams, plus directors from each division compete for the Cup!

Saturday each team will take to the water to see who will claim the "Commonwealth Cup". Payout for the event will be paid the same as any of our other divisional events.

To determine the winning division we will go by accumulated weight for each division, if one division has more teams than the other we will use accumulated weight for the matching number of teams. This has always been a fun event for the anglers and a good little fundraiser for each division, so please sign up and join the fun.  


This will likely be the last East vs.West we move from division to division. We started neutral at Gaston, went West to SML and now this is the East swing to Chesdin.

Going forward Stephen and I will put this on either Buggs or Gaston,as they are the most neutral bodies for either division. 


We will be having a Saturday only event this year, the morning will start with a devotion and prayer on the water before blastoff.


Saturday Launch 10/15:

Seven Springs Marina, 8631 River Rd, Petersburg VA 23803 



Roster Information:

(W) Moore/Strealey+BB

(W) M.Atkins/C.Atkins+BB

(W) Olsen/Vandegrift+BB

(W) Highfield/Mills

(E) Jim Sutton/

(E) Lavin/Sisk

(E) N. Jernigan/




(E)Emerson/B.Webb +BB





(E) Brooks/Carpenter+BB




East vs West, @ Lake Chesdin - 10/15/22

Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points