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GA South will be hosting an open tournament on Lake Harding on Dec 11, 2021. Tournament hours will be Safe Light to 3pm eastern time. We will launch out of Idle Hour. There will be no membership fee and no Friday night meeting. There will be no points for AOY in this tournament. Please invite your friends and future teams that would be interested in fishing Fishers of Men in 2022. Off limits will be Friday December 10, at sunset. Size limits will be 12 inch Spots and 12 inch Largemouth. 



GA South Lake Harding Open Tournament
Team Members

Roster Information:

1. Bohanon, Fuller with Bonus Bucks

2. Darr\ Darr

3. Barger\ Carignan

4. Millsap\ Hill

5. Chafin\ Colby

6. Boyd\ Bryan


Lake Harding Open Tournament - 12/11/21