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2022 Berkley Team Series District 3 Championship presented by Realtree Fishing

Divisions: All South Carolina divisions

• SITE: Murray

• HOST: Experience Columbia SC

• DATES: September 30-October 1, 2022

• OFFICIAL PRACTICE: September 27-29, 2022

• OFF LIMITS: September 20-26, 2022 and during the mandatory pre-tournament meeting.


• FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight September 24, 2022

• MANDATORY MEETING: September 29, 2022

• PERMITTED FISHING AREAS: All public waters accessible by boat from the tournament launch site except for the area within 100 yards of the ramp, any area posted "no fishing" or "no tresspassing" by state or local authorities.

• LAUNCH SITE: Dreher Island

• THURSDAY’S MEETING SITE:  Corley Mill House & Gardens, 221 Corley Mill Rd., Lexington SC 29072


• MEAL: 6:00 PM

• MEETING: Immediately following the meal. - All teams must attend the meeting

Flight assignments and times will be given at the meeting

****Any changes that become necessary due to Covid response restrictions will be posted here. Please re-check this page before traveling.


Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.

Entries have been received from the following teams:    
Div Name   Name Type Entry
SC L Sam Hopkins &  John Mathews   Pd+BB
SC U Brock Taylor &  Erik Martin   Pd+BB
SC U Chris Rhodes &  Aiden Somerville   Pd+BB
SC U Todd Pearson &  David Strickland   Pd+BB
SC U Carl Melton &  Phil O'Dell   Pd+BB
SC U Randy Dickson &   Kevin Dickson    Pd+BB
SC L Tyson Alvanos &  Hampton Anderson   Pd+BB
SC L Terry Thomas &  David Kneece   Pd+BB
SC L Tripp Fryar &  Ashley Fryar   Pd
SC L Maurice Sauls &  Robbie Amos   Pd+BB
SC L Neil Huffstetler &   Ben Lee    Pd+BB
SC L Chris Veronee &  Chris Gramling   Pd+BB
SC U Darry Waits &  Brady Waits   Pd+BB
SC U Brian Tidwell &  Michael Tidwell   Pd
SC L Wayne Frierson &  Ronald Mueller   Pd+BB
SC L Michael Swygert &  Trent Swygert    Pd+BB
SC U Tommy Newton &  Ken Campbell   Pd+BB
GA N Shane Riddle &   Thomas Riddle    Pd+BB
SC L Clay Riddle &  Chris Dorlan   Pd+BB
SC L James Fields &  Harold Woods   Pd+BB
SC U Jimmy Turner &  Mark Weaver   Pd
SC L Blaine Harley &  Gregory Harley   Pd+BB
SC U Brady Kimbrell &  Adam Smith   Pd+BB
TN C Len Harley  &  Brian Butler   Pd+BB
SC L Chuck Howard &  Ken Ellis   Pd+BB
SC L Tracy Hewitt &  Calvin Hewitt   Pd+BB
SC U Jason Snyder &  Jason Skinner   Pd+BB
SC L Lee Sawyer &  Cole Winn   Pd+BB
SC L Mike Watson &  Craig McFadden   Pd+BB
SC U Michael Smith &  Micky Lusk   Pd+BB
SC U Sammy Moody &  George OShields    Pd+BB
SC U Danny Ashley &  Blake Riddle   Pd+BB
SC U Cody Brock &  Brian Fleming   Pd+BB
SC U Brad Burdette &  Brandon Burdette   Pd+BB
SC U Reggie Luper &  Aiden Luper A/J Pd
SC U Michael Hatfield &  Graham Hatfield   Pd+BB
SC U Jonathan Botts &  Wayne Botts   Pd+BB
NC P Brad Peyton &  Michael Hardee   Pd
SC U Mark Richardson &  Phillip Richardson A/J Pd+BB
SC L Bryan Miller &  John  Byrd III   Pd
SC L Joey Sabbagha &  Dalton Dowdy   Pd+BB
SC U Eddie Landreth  &  Tony Holliday    Pd+BB
SC L Paul Selle &  Jonathan Ray   Pd+BB
SC U Brett Douglas &  Patrick Hobson   Pd+BB
SC L Glenn Gentry &  Shannon Jordan   Pd+BB
SC U Jason Burroughs &   Darren Ashley    Pd+BB
SC L Kevin Fulmer &  Tim Sox   Pd+BB
SC U GL Compton &  Matthew Sprouse   Pd+BB
SC U Joey Miller &  Cole Cochran   Pd+BB
SC U Michael Anders &  Jonathan Anders   Pd+BB
SC U Chandler Baumgardner &  Michael Baumgardner   Pd
SC L Wayne Jeffcoat &  Kevin Banks   Pd+BB
SC L Andy Wicker &  Reid McGinn   Pd+BB
SC L Darrell Shull &  James Vining   Pd+BB
SC U Carl Whitfield &  Robby Hunnicutt    Pd+BB
SC U BJ Ballard &  Chastan Hanna   Pd+BB
SC L George Berry &  Sean Anderson   Pd+BB
NC P Marty Nester &  Don Smith   Pd+BB
SC L Emmett Maynor &  Karson Grubbs   Pd+BB
SC L Joshua Johnson &  Brandon Stacey   Pd+BB
SC L Jason Fulmer &  Steven Pizzino   Pd+BB
SC U Tony Hudson &  Zachary Hudson A/J Pd+BB
SC L Eddie Burgess &  Easton Burgess   Pd+BB
SC L Keith Britt &  Jerry Montjoy   Pd+BB
SC U Chris Coleman &  Truett Hill   Pd+BB
SC L Marshall French &  Tripp Poplin   Pd
SC U Gregg Williams &  Mark Williams   Pd+BB
SC L Ross Burns &  Briggs Kennington   Pd+BB
VA W Anthony McCraw &  Penny McCraw Ml/Fml Pd
SC L Thad Driggers &  Walter Capps   Pd

2022 District 3 Championship on Murray-Day 2 - 10/01/22
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