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Welcome This is our opening event for Va East Legacy . We will be launching out of Seven Spring Marina located 

 8631 River Rd, Petersburg, VA 23803, Phone 804- 458-7530.  This is a adult youth tx , The youth cannot be over 19 as of Jan. 1 2023 .

Hello Folks,

On Saturday 3-25-23 we had our opening event on Lake Chesdin launching out of Seven Springs Marina. We ha 8 boats show up to the landing that morning for registration at 0600. We had anticipated a few more boats, however I guess the sketchy weather and the Bass Master Classic being the same weekend held some teams out. Boats were checked as they rolled in, and they registered at the ramp.  Boats were launched and staged inside the no wake zone. We had a real treat as Jacob Krahenbill one of our former youth anglers came back as an adult angler with a new youth member which was fishing his first ever bass fishing tx . Jacob delivered our message on his boat geared towards our youth. His message was about appreciating what God had made for us and enjoying what was around them and also enjoying their company and making memories . Also let them know God was always there and watching over them. After the message we prayed for the safety of our anglers and their safe return. We then played our National Anthem and saluted our country. All eight boats were released to fish for 5 fish 12" limit. Anglers were due back in at 1300.  The stage was set for weigh in and the rain rolled in about 0930 just as everything was set up.  We had one team return to the ramp to get a fresh set of cloths, However the young lady persevered after the change and continued to fish.  Team Walt  and Jack Emmerson had some bad luck as their lower unit failed on them . They were able to keep fishing and limp back in safely .

All eight teams returned on time for a trailered weigh-in. 5 out of 8 teams brought fish to the scales.  A pizza lunch was served at the weigh in as well as our tx raffle table.  As the tallies were computed folks enjoyed lunch and the raffle with several nice prizes awarded. 

Eight boats were in the derby in which we paid out two spots and we had 5 boats in bonus bucks.

Team Jacob Krahenbill and Troy Sullivan were the champions of Chesdin with 5 fish for a total of 14.73 and Big fish of 6.92 they received $ 40.00 for big fish and 1st place paid $267.00

2nd place went to Jason Brooks and Preston Sebrawith 3 fish for 6.89 big fish 3.05 

In bonus bucks 1st place went to JAson Brooks and Preston Sebra for $62.50 

2nd place went to Steven Fulkerson and Adrian Yates for $37.50

3rd place went to Allen Colgin and Marilyn Gibson for $ 25.00




Roster Information:

Legacy Tournment

Lake Chesdin - 03/25/23

Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 30378 Jacob Krahenbill
Troy Sullivan
5 6.92 14.73 0 14.73 200

2 30381 Jason Brooks
Preston Sebra
3 3.05 6.89 0 6.89 199

3 30382 Aaron Sadler
Chandler Sadler
2 2.46 4.2 0 4.2 198

4 30380 Steven Fulkerson
Adrian Yates
1 2.91 2.91 0 2.91 197

5 23497 Allen Colgin
Marilyn Gibson
2 0 2.47 0 2.47 196

6 30723 Eric Haines
Tyler Haines
0 0 0 0 0 195

7 27599 Matthew Whittaker
Fisher Whittaker
0 0 0 0 0 195

8 27602 Walter Emerson
Walter Emerson
0 0 0 0 0 195

Jacob Krahenbill and Troy Sullivan

Jacob Krahenbill and Troy Sullivan