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First tournament of 2021 out of Dead Lake Marina. It's was very cold and windy but the rain stayed away. We had a total of 11 boats participate.
1st Lavon White & Zac White 12.73 pounds
2nd John Odom & Joe Turner 12.53 pounds
3rd Tony Boyette & Brian Metcalf 11.24 pounds
4th Jess Lewis & Ethan Thomas 10.13 pounds
5th Nathan White & Danny Hardy 9.55 pounds
Big Fish John Odom &Joe Turner 3.41 pounds
Our devotional was on Isaiah 40:31 KJV
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Why should you out your hope in God? The verse above tells you why. He will make you strong when you are weak. He will help you stay focused and stay above what this world tries to bring you down with. He will give you strength to fight the evil in this life and prevail no matter what the circumstances. Even when you feel at your lowest, he will bring you back if you let Him.
Most often, we get in our own way. We try to handle everything ourselves and not give God time to work. We don't let him be who He is. He is our creator, Lord and Savior. He wants us to come to him no matter our history, our social status, our marital status, financial status or religious status. He wants us to focus on Him and His Word. He wants us to live in a way that brings him honor, glory and love. So don't think you are ever too far gone to be saved. God will use you and your situation/status for the good. We just have to give everything to Him and live for Him. When you make the decision of salvation, your whole outlook and attitude changes. Please make the decision to let God save you and start a relationship with him.

Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire,Power-Pole,  T&H Marine,Amphibia Eyewear, Gator Guards, and Valley Fashion. 

Alabama South would like to thank their sponsors:  First Progressive Bank, First Baptist Church of East Brewton, AL, The Escambia Baptist Association,Beulah Chapel Assembly of God, Naltys Seasonings, and JJ’s Magic made by Fish Chemicals Inc,Goodwyn,Mills and Cawood,  Escambia Lawn Equipment Center, Century Marine, and Ann Brooks CPA  Without all of these fine sponsors Alabama South could not do all that they do.  Alabama South would also like to thank all of the churches that host us each year.  We are so blessed by the churches that host us each year.

Stren Mobile Delta - 02/13/21


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 23962 Curtis White
Zachery White
5 3.35 12.73 0 12.73 200

2 21103 John Odom
Joe Turner
5 3.41 12.53 0 12.53 199

3 19133 Anthony Boyett
Brian Metcalf
5 2.94 11.24 0 11.24 198

4 25585 Christopher Lewis
Ethan Thomas
5 2.9 10.13 0 10.13 197

5 23968 Richard (Danny) Hardy
Nathan White
5 2.62 9.55 0 9.55 196

6 25940 Craig Hamilton
Chris Pope
5 3.35 8.2 0 8.2 195

7 22781 Tony Lister
James Richerson, Jr.
5 2.1 8.04 0 8.04 194

8 26817 Marty Long
Bernard Hayward
5 2.63 7.18 0 7.18 193

9 22477 Michael Stewart
Thomas Pugh
5 1.48 6.11 0 6.11 192

10 18730 Kevin Diamond
Josh Diamond
3 2.99 5.43 0 5.43 191

11 21095 E L Cobb
Jim Bell
1 1.59 1.59 0 1.59 190