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Brother Joe Turner delivered our devotion for this tournament.  Joe started our meeting with prayer and soon pulled out a box of oldies but goodies. Starting with a Ambassador 5000 B reel from the 70s, a Ted Williams 5500 C reel and a 2020 AL National Championship Hat. Each item was tied to a memory he had of happy times in his life. Brother Joe explained the love he has for his wife, children and grandchildren. But also professed the love  he has for  the outdoors and bass fishing. Joe reminded us of two great verses from the Bible, Matthew 4:19 and John 3:16. These verses reminds us that  we are to follow Christ to bring others  to  Christ and that God loves us so much, he sacrificed his only son for our eternal salvation.

Bro. Joe told us that  the pandemic changed the way we all went to church. These days everything is online and you’re watching in your lounge wear and not from a pew. While  this is a more relaxed way to get the word, the fellowship with others is greatly missed. It makes you complacent.  It prompted him to get more into the Word of God. He shared with us from his favorite book, Romans. From Chapter 9 Verse 3:  “For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.”  Paul had such a love for his brethren, that he would go to Hell for them to come to know Christ. Paul went through so much in his life and it would have been understandable if he gave up on God. He was imprisoned and persecuted for sharing Christ with others. God could have just moved Paul whenever he wanted but God had a plan. Paul touched so many and showed such great examples of faith, trust and obedience to God. If God would have just moved him, we would not know God’s power and love that Paul tells us about in the Bible.

Bro. Joe reminded us that while  we all want  to think that everyone is going to heaven, this is not going to be the case. He reminded us that we must be born again and have a relationship with the Lord. And that just being a nice person does not get us to Heaven.  Bro. Joe knows of the temptations of this world. He lived a fast life at a young age but found the Lord when he was 20 and been living for him every since. He told us Living for Christ is much harder than accepting Christ. Living for Christ  sometimes puts distance between you and your loved ones and the world but God deserves your love and devotion and He and Heaven is your reward. So stay the course and keep telling others of God and his Love.

Bro. Joe ended the message with questions to us. Where are we at with our relationship with Christ? Are we holding on to the worldly things like he had in his box or are we holding on to God?

It was windy cold day but beautiful day for our second team series tournament of 2021 at Ellis Landing in Camden, AL. We had 17 boats participate. Thank you to all of our fishermen who participated.

1st           13.18                     Craig Hamilton and Dale Champion

2nd          12.69                     Mark Syck with Big Fish of 4.60

3rd           12.20                     Tony Boyett and Brian Metcalf

4th           11.73                     Will Blount and Bill Blount

5th           11.43                     Michael Stewart and Thomas Pugh

6th           9.76                        Jarrod McMillan and Lee McMillan


Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire,Power-Pole,  T&H Marine,Amphibia Eyewear, Gator Guards, and Valley Fashion.


Alabama South would like to thank their sponsors:  First Progressive Bank, First Baptist Church of East Brewton, AL, The Escambia Baptist Association,Beulah Chapel Assembly of God, Naltys Seasonings, and JJ’s Magic made by Fish Chemicals Inc,Goodwyn,Mills and Cawood,  Escambia Lawn Equipment Center, Century Marine, and Ann Brooks CPA, Matco Tools by Jeff Lewis  Without all of these fine sponsors Alabama South could not do all that they do.  Alabama South would also like to thank all of the churches that host us each year.  We are so blessed by the churches that host us each year.

Stren Millers Ferry - 03/06/21


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 25940 Craig Hamilton
Chris Pope
5 3.91 13.18 0 13.18 200

2 26966 Mark Syck
5 4.6 12.69 0 12.69 199

3 19133 Anthony Boyett
Brian Metcalf
5 3.47 12.2 0 12.2 198

4 26962 Will Blount
Bill Blount
5 3.35 11.93 0 11.93 197

5 22477 Michael Stewart
Thomas Pugh
5 3.43 11.43 0 11.43 196

6 26964 Jarrod Mcmillan
Lee Mcmillan
5 3.48 9.76 0 9.76 195

7 23968 Richard (Danny) Hardy
Nathan White
5 2.15 9.31 0 9.31 194

8 23962 Curtis White
Zachery White
5 2.49 8.89 0 8.89 193

9 26965 Sam Noble
Kenneth Roemen
4 0 8.41 0 8.41 192

10 26817 Marty Long
Bernard Hayward
5 2.05 7.16 0 7.16 191

11 21103 John Odom
Joe Turner
5 2.21 7.15 0 7.15 190

12 18730 Kevin Diamond
Josh Diamond
4 0 6.66 0 6.66 189

13 21095 E L Cobb
Jim Bell
3 2.57 5.07 0 5.07 188

14 25585 Christopher Lewis
Ethan Thomas
3 0 3.69 0 3.69 187

15 22781 Tony Lister
James Richerson, Jr.
1 2.62 2.62 0 2.62 186

16 26963 Heath Rolling
Rick Jacobs
0 0 0 0 0 185

17 26979 Devin Franklin
Greg Hall
0 0 0 0 0 185

18 0
0 0 0 0 0 0