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    Recordcount: 15

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The 5th and final stop this year in Demopolis, Alabama


1st           10.74                     Craig Hamilton & Chris Pope                                                                       

2nd          9.85                        Mark Syck                         

3rd           9.48                        Zac White & Lavon White                            

4th           9.20                        Brian Metcalf & Tony Boyett

5th           8.25                        Jeff Lewis & Ethan Thoams                          with a Big Fish of 4 pounds


Pastor Tim Floyd shared the Gospel with us tonight. Tim read from Matthew Chapter 14 verses 22-30. This scripture covers the story of the disciples seeing Jesus in the midst of a storm. Jesus was walking on the water to their boat because he had sent them away earlier in the day. Peter asked the Lord, if it is really you, let me come to you. Jesus told him to come on. Peter did great as long as he focused on Jesus but when he lost focus, he began to sink. Then he cried out for Jesus to help. What do you think Jesus did? He helped.

Even tho Peter made a LOT of mistakes God still used them for great things.With everything Peter had done, God allowed him to preach Pentecost and see thousands be saved. This shows you that no matter what we have done; Jesus is there for us and will use us every day if we will let him. The enemy will try to make us lose focus on Christ so that we make mistakes and fail. But God recognizes our fear and will calm it if we let him.

Tim reminded us we have all failed, took the wrong path, made bad decisions. And we will continue to make mistakes through our entire life. We must not let our past mistakes and failures determine our future. Also, that God loves us, cares for us and will meet our needs.

Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire,Power-Pole,  T&H Marine,Amphibia Eyewear, Gator Guards, and Valley Fashion. 

Alabama South would like to thank their sponsors:  First Progressive Bank, First Baptist Church of East Brewton, AL, The Escambia Baptist Association,Beulah Chapel Assembly of God, Naltys Seasonings, and JJ’s Magic made by Fish Chemicals Inc,Goodwyn,Mills and Cawood,  Escambia Lawn Equipment Center, Century Marine, and Ann Brooks CPA  Without all of these fine sponsors Alabama South could not do all that they do.  Alabama South would also like to thank all of the churches that host us each year.  We are so blessed by the churches that host us each year.

Stren Tombigbee/Warrior River - 06/05/21


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 25940 Craig Hamilton
Chris Pope
5 2.92 10.99 0.25 10.74 200

2 26966 Mark Syck
5 3.09 9.85 0 9.85 199

3 23962 Curtis White
Zachery White
5 0 9.48 0 9.48 198

4 19133 Anthony Boyett
Brian Metcalf
5 3.75 9.2 0 9.2 197

5 25585 Christopher Lewis
Ethan Thomas
5 4 8.25 0 8.25 196

6 21095 E L Cobb
Jim Bell
5 2.4 8.18 0 8.18 195

7 22477 Michael Stewart
Thomas Pugh
5 0 8.08 0 8.08 194

8 18730 Kevin Diamond
Josh Diamond
5 2.04 7.75 0 7.75 193

9 26817 Marty Long
Bernard Hayward
5 2.65 7.87 0.25 7.62 192

10 22781 Tony Lister
James Richerson, Jr.
5 0 5.74 0 5.74 191

11 23968 Richard (Danny) Hardy
Nathan White
5 0 5.64 0 5.64 190