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The North Carolina East Division held their fifth and final Team Series tournament on the Pasquotank River in Elizabeth City, NC. 20 teams launched from the Waterfront Park boat ramp on Charles Creek in search of the winning bag of fish. The weather was overcast with light winds and the clearing skies throughout the day. Temperatures were in the upper 70’s with light southeasterly winds. Division Director Pat Seigh provided a devotion before the launch which focused on a scripture verse coming from Psalms 121:2 which states “My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.” The devotion titled “Heaven on Earth” mentioned that since the economic downturn that began in 2008, our modern conviction is; we can have anything we want whenever we want. This erroneous concept gets transferred to our spiritual life, especially when Christians read Bible verses that suggest we can ask for whatever we want in Jesus name and receive it. In the prayer Jesus taught the disciples (and us) to pray, there is a needed corrective to that cultural conditioning. Praying for Gods will to be done “on earth as it is in heaven” is a way to align us with God’s will, not God with our will. God’s will is obviously done in heaven. If we pray for his will to be done on earth, that means we need to align ourselves with and conform to His will. That means praying like this; “Father, I want Your will to be worked out on earth. If that means I need to change my life to have “heaven on earth”, then I am willing to change. “The apostle John wrote that when we pray according to His will (not our will) we know God hears and answers (1 John 5:14-15).

When you pray today, ask God to enable you to be conformed to His will so that it might be done on earth just as it is in Heaven. To obey Gods will is the way to have our will.

With our teams were blessed with a perfect day to fish, 20 teams brought 79 Bass to the scales that weighed 231.69 pounds.  The average team weight was 11.58 pounds and the average fish weight was 2.93 pounds. When the weigh-in concluded, Bryan Hendricks and Chris Merritt brought in an impressive five fish limit that weighed 18.47 pounds for first place, which included the lunker for the tournament that weighed 8.23 pounds. They received $1,375.50 dollars for their days work including $1,000.00 dollars for first place for the tournament, first place bonus bucks $237.50 and $100.00 dollars for the big fish. Coming in second place was the team of Quinton Chappell and Chris Turner with a nice five fish limit that weighed 18.35 pounds. They received $450.00 dollars for second place and $142.50 for second place bonus bucks. Third place honors went to the male/female team of Gerald and Morgan Murray. Their five fish limit weighed 18.09 pounds anchored by a 7.04 pound kicker fish. They took home $300.00 dollars for third place and $95.00 dollars for third place bonus bucks. Fourth place honors went to the team of David Parker and Darren Saunders with a five fish limit weighing 18.03 pounds with a nice 6.43 pound kicker. They received $150.00 dollars for fourth place.  Congratulations to all our winners and a special thanks to all our members who participated in this event.

The NC East Division would like to thank Elizabeth City and Elizabeth City Parks and Rec for use of the city ramp and the Charles Creek Pavilion for the weigh-in.  Fishers of Men would also like to thank our local sponsors and ministry partners:  First Church of the Nazarene and Camden United Methodist Church. I would like to thank our workers; my wife Karen Seigh, Tom and Linda Houlroyd and their nephew Brandon, Bill Riggs who was unable to help due to an illness,  Sue and Rich Seigh and Gary Sawyer  for all their help to make this tournament a big success.     

Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our Primary sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Abu Garcia, Real Tree Fishing, Berkley, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Power-Pole, our Presenting sponsors Amphibia and T&H Marine, Gator Guards and our Official sponsors, Frogg Toggs, Jacobs Glass Company.

Stren Pasquotank River - 07/10/21


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 9595 Bryan Hendricks
Chris Merritt
5 8.23 18.47 0 18.47 150

2 14712 Chris Turner
Quinton Chappell
5 0 18.35 0 18.35 149

3 27216 Gerald Murray
morgan murray
5 7.04 18.34 0.25 18.09 148

4 24053 David Parker
Darren Saunders
5 6.43 18.28 0.25 18.03 147

5 25536 David Buchanan
5 0 18.07 0.25 17.82 146

6 18850 Tommy Banks
Bubba Banks
5 0 16.7 0 16.7 145

7 21427 Tommy Houlroyd
Brandon Overton
5 0 15.8 0 15.8 144

8 27181 Kenneth Moore
Kennan Moore
5 0 15.8 0 15.8 144

9 27180 Ricky Mize
chris mize
5 0 13.81 0 13.81 142

10 27183 Jerry Williams
Cade Turner
5 6.61 13.67 0 13.67 141

11 8708 Kirk Wall
Charles Reed
5 3.71 12.91 0 12.91 140

12 12057 Kevin Jones
Tyler Jones
5 0 12.83 0 12.83 139

13 19068 Kirk Nixon
Trent Nixon
5 0 11.05 0 11.05 138

14 22843 William Jordan, III
Eugene Foushee
4 0 8.95 0.25 8.7 137

15 27075 Michael Evans
Brian Meadows
4 0 8.31 0 8.31 136

16 22893 Michael Wenthe
Stacey Light
3 3.32 7.09 0 7.09 135

17 22917 William Chappell
Larry Weatherly
3 0 4.26 0 4.26 134

18 17449 Al Biagioni
John LaRock
0 0 0 0 0 133

19 24052 Tim Fallon
Richard Griswold Jr
0 0 0 0 0 133

20 25692 Scott Mummert
Jeff Nixon
0 0 0 0 0 133

First Place Bryan Hendricks and Chris Merritt with an 18.47 pound limit that includes the big fish for the tournament that weighed 8.23 pounds.

Bryan Hendricks and Chris Merritt received First Place winnings $1,375.50

Second place Quinton Chappell and Chris Turner with a five fish limit that weighed18.35 pounds

Quinton Chappell and Chris Turner receive second place winnings of $592.50

Gerald and Morgan Murray with a 5 fish limit that weighed 18.09 pounds.

Gerald and Morgan Murray recieve third place winnings of $395.00

4th place winners Dave Parker and Darren Saunders with 18.03 pounds

Dave Parker and Darren Saunders receive fourth place winnings $150.00