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Hello Everyone,

I apologize for just getting this information posted. Our last tourney of the season will be at Green River. We will go out of Lone Valley at the park. Our meeting will be on the water. After a short message we will last off in the order of entry fee payment.  We will try to blast off by 6:15am EST. Weigh in will be at 1:00pm EST. I will be at the ramp at 5:30 to take registration and entry fees.

I want to thank our local Land Big Fish for their generous sponsorship this year.


Legacy Tournment Green River - 06/12/21


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 27918 Bob Denny
Skylar Long
5 2.76 9 0 9 200

2 26038 Billy Duncan
Kaylee Duncan
3 0 3.97 0 3.97 199

3 26039 T.J. Wilcher
Hallie Wilcher
1 0 1.12 0 1.12 198