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The fourth stop for the Indiana North Division was on beautiful Lake Manitou in Rochester, Indiana. The weather shaped out nicely on Saturday following some brief rain that moved in during practice time for a few of the teams on Friday. The tempatures stayed in the lower to mid 80's with a streatch of wind kicking up and creating a nice chop for the teams to contend with. At weigh in time, all six teams brought fish to the scales with a new team finaly emurging victourious on the season ending the streak set by Gary Straber and Jeff Hackler. a Straber still took home the 1st place plaques presented by Raptor Fishing with Garrick Straber and partner Shayne Robbins taking the win. When asking how the day went from Garrick, he said, "Shayne carried us today for sure! We found our fish under docks flipping then hunted a kicker for the second half of the day. We found one deep dragging the bottom with a Texas rig!" It payed off for the duo taking first place with five fish at 13.40 pounds. The day was capped off with Shayne Robbins bringing in big bass honors at 3.98 pounds. The Graber team and Josh Klinghagen who fished alone on his team made it interesting with a tie for second place at 13.16 pounds. Gary Straber and Jeff Hackler finished out the top three just under the thirteen pound mark at 12.98 lbs. The win for Garrick Straber and Shayne Robbins keeps their hopes alive for them to win the points championship but will need a win and the rest of the field to knock Gary Straber and Jeff Hackler to the bottom in the last event! It will shape out to be a fun last event watching it go down to the wire!   


Stren Manitou - 07/09/22


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 27384 Garrick Straber
Mikael Robbins
5 3.98 13.4 0 13.4 200

2 28921 Austin Graber
Evan Graber
5 0 13.16 0 13.16 199

3 28741 Josh Klinghagen
David Booth
5 0 13.16 0 13.16 199

4 28918 Gary Straber
Jeffery Hackler
5 0 12.98 0 12.98 197

5 28920 Don Gambrel
George Powell
4 0 9.7 0 9.7 196

6 28657 Carl Davis
Shawn Hamrick
2 0 2.63 0 2.63 195