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This weekend serves as a time in history like no other, a WAR that took place like no other war. A battle that secured ultimate VICTORY over death, evil, fear, and all things unholy. This weekend serves as a reminder that our Savior Jesus Christ followed the plan, the plan that was laid out and spoken of in the Garden when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, way back in Genesis 3:15. Yes a glorious weekend to celebrate that a deed was done for us all, a deed that we cannot match, a deed that we could never endure ourselves, an act that showed true love. And yes, a weekend to remember that death could not overcome our Savior. The tomb could not hold him. He defeated death, sin, and all things unholy the moment he walked out of the tomb, and he did it all for us. 

Besides the wonderful thing this weekend reminds of us, it will also serve as a reminder to several Fishers of Men anglers that Lake Somerville can be very good and can also be very stingy... A reminder that it is possible to zero after a long day of fishing. Lake Somerville was very tough Saturday, very unfair to several that showed up to battle it out.  

Nineteen teams showed up at Burleson County Cowboy Church Friday night to get the party started, the wonderful folks running the Chuckwagon Cook Team there served up some amazing stew. Everyone in attendance was stunned at the flavors this stew was delivering, incredible bowls of goodness... This was followed up with an apple crisp that followed suit, with rich flavors and delightful taste. What a great job the team did putting this all together for us. Pastor Harvey Abke (a fishing guide himself) provided the message to those in attendance, a message that hit the nail on the head. He utilized an old fishing lure and described how the devil presents opportunities each day to lure us away from Gods purpose in our lives. It was a great message that was well received by all.  

Twenty-one teams showed up at Overlook Marina early Saturday morning for the event, we launched them all out and the battle was on... At 2:00pm, one hour from weigh in anglers were driving by our location holding up their hands indicating ZERO... Somerville turned out to be brutal for more than half the field. Twelve of the 21 teams did not weigh one fish, they came in eagerly waiting to see or hear how those who were successful did it. The team of Gary and Tina Johnson were happy to carry a winning sack to the scales, the team dropped 15.03lbs on the scale with 3 fish. In that winning bag there was a giant 8.92lb largemouth that Gary caught. The husband / wife team secured first place for the event, first place for Big Bass and first place in Bonus Bucks.

Xavier Moreno and Jeremy Myers were able to pull off a second-place finish with two fish weighing 6.80 lbs. I do not believe they would have ever thought 6.80lbs would hold on for them to take second and second in the Bonus Bucks category.

Bryan Cotter, fishing by himself for the event, was able to take third place on the leader board with two fish weighing 5.61lbs. He also took the money for third place Bonus Bucks.

Erik Olson and Kory Grelle came to the scales with one fish that dialed in at 5.22. A nice fish that was good enough for fourth place. Erik had a rough time getting to the lake Saturday morning, his GPS was not kind to him, and he made contact with a deer prior to making it to the ramp, finishing the day with a check may have eased some of those pains….  

It was a tough day on the lake indeed for all the teams, but all the anglers appreciated the fact that what took place years ago allowed them to enjoy the day on the water, allowing them to fish with peace in their hearts, to enjoy Gods creations knowing that their actions alone will never get them to eternal life in heaven, that it took blood, pain, selflessness and sacrifice by one who loves greater than we can imagine.

Fishers of Men would like to thank all our National Sponsors, listed alphabetically; Abu Garcia, BassCat Boats, Berkley, Frogg Toggs, Jacobs Glass, Mercury, Power-Pole, Realtree Fishing, Spiderwire DuraBraid, T&H Marine, and X2 Power.


Texas Central would like to thank our wonderful divisional sponsors: Bingham Marine Texas, Sit Means Sit Dog Training, Custom Truck and Wheel, Tyler Wrap Company, Forage Lures, Cornerstone Baits, Steve-O's Reel Service, Coda Lures, Vicious Fishing, Ardent Outdoors, Be One Promotions, Fish Life Fish Care Products, Pro Tec Products. We would also like to thank Earl and Todd Loggains for all your help. I cannot say enough about Earl and Todd during weigh ins, we are truly blessed to call you friends. Melissa Eller for helping with spouse give aways, running the computer and photo taking. Paige Hodges for taking photos during the weigh in, certainly do appreciate you. And to all those that jump in and help in the whole process, could not do it without you all...





Stren Lake Somerville Slam - 04/16/22



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 26600 Gary Johnson
Tina Johnson
3 8.92 15.03 0 15.03 200

2 28738 Xavier Moreno
Jeremy Myers
2 4.93 6.8 0 6.8 199

3 28524 Bryan Cotter
Philip Smith
2 0 5.61 0 5.61 198

4 26724 Erik Olson
Kory Grelle
1 5.22 5.22 0 5.22 197

5 26604 Gerald Rabroker
Jarrett Rabroker
2 0 3.47 0 3.47 196

6 28157 James Barnett
Michael Smith
1 3.11 3.11 0 3.11 195

7 28158 David Polk
Jimmy Bennett
1 2.43 2.43 0 2.43 194

8 28154 Earl Loggains
Todd Loggains
1 2.34 2.34 0 2.34 193

9 27671 Kyler Roberts
Austin Talasek
1 2.28 2.28 0 2.28 192

10 26596 John Baran
Michele Baran
0 0 0 0 0 191

11 26598 Ron Chance
Daryl Branham
0 0 0 0 0 191

12 26599 Michael Kersey
Patrick Zangarine II
0 0 0 0 0 191

13 26723 Gus Chavira
Toby Turner
0 0 0 0 0 191

14 26725 Bob Reed
Christopher Carpenter
0 0 0 0 0 191

15 26872 William Shelnutt
Tyler Eller
0 0 0 0 0 191

16 27272 David Titus
Daniel Titus
0 0 0 0 0 191

17 28155 David McCann
Luke Bingham
0 0 0 0 0 141

18 28159 Nathan Eller
Colton Eller
0 0 0 0 0 191

19 28160 Mitch Randles
Don Schuetze
0 0 0 0 0 141

20 28525 Justin Williams
Colton Hill
0 0 0 0 0 191

21 28739 Mike Miller
Ryan Miller
0 0 0 0 0 191

Winning Team, Gary and Tina Johnson get it done with 15.03 lbs. A sack anchored by Big Bass for the event an 8.92lb Largemouth Gary hooked and Tina netted..

2nd Place Team Xavier Moreno and Jeremy Myer with two fish weighing 6.80lbs

Bryan Cotter secures Third Place with two weighing 5.61lbs

Erik Olson and Kory Grelle take the fourth place spot with one weighing in at 5.22lbs

A special photo of all the competitors and the Sloth.. JMB Fishing Foundation members carry the Sloth everywhere they go in remembrance of a special child that is with our creator now. What a wonderful thing this group does for terminally ill children.