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Bridgeport Landing


Camden, AL

1st Place

Trey Wade and Leon Wade

15.49 pounds

2nd Place

Justin Moye and Robbie Brown

15.05 pounds

3rd Place 

Will Blount and Robert Lynch

15 pounds

4th Place

Nathan White and Reid McCall

13.50 Pounds

5th Place

Logan Faith and Kevin Diamond

12.61 pounds

Big Fish

Trey Wade and Leon Wade

5.57 pounds


Our Friday night meeting was hosted by Camden Baptist Church and their pastor Justin Nelson was our guest speaker.

His questions to us was “Why do you bass fish?”. 

Good question. He made valid points telling us it can’t be for the money. We often spend way more than we win. And unless you win them all, you are going to be in the hole. It can’t be to relax because it is hot, bugs bite you, your whole body hurts at the end of the day and of course the stress of knowing you need 5 fish bigger than all your opponents.

Sometimes it is a struggle just to get to the tournament. The preparation of boats, rods and all the other equipment. Then, there is the struggle of having equipment and boat failure. Bro. Justin told us about the time he and his friends were going fishing and the boat left the truck and eventually passed them, hitting another vehicle and finally a fence. What an experience.

Bro. Justin then led us to the answer to his question. The answer is the Pursuit. We like the pursuit of whatever we are chasing. Whether it be fishing, hunting, sports, etc. We do it for the thrill. In fishing, it is feeling and seeing the fish react and having the biggest 5 at the end of the day. In hunting, it is getting that trophy you have worked so hard calling and stalking during the season.

All of these things leave its mark on us. Whether it is physical scars, tiredness for early morning, long days and late nights.

So apply this train of thought to your relationship with the Lord. Are you pursuing him? Has your pursuit or non pursuit left its mark on your life? For a Christian, your attitude and actions are different. The attitude is positive and thankful and you want to serve the Lord and others.  You want to get as much of the Lord as possible and do everything you can to spread the gospel. You want to read his Word and grow as a Christian. If you are not a Christian, the marks are different. The things of this world leave you angry and negative. You will have bad habits and tend to hold to worldly and fleshly thing to fill you.

What if we talked about Jesus like we talk about the worldly things we pursue? What if we put as much time and effort into our relationship and serving the Lord as we do these thing?

 Bro. Justin explained Mark 4 to us. The planting and sewing of seed. Ultimately, we must bear spiritual fruit to be saved and go to Heaven. We can’t get lost on a different  rocky, thorny path and get snatched up by the devil. We must have a relationship with the Lord and let him guide us through this life. We must constantly persistently check ourselves to make sure we are pursuing the Lord and remove anything that takes us away. We must always pursue the Lord like we pursue the other “Loves” of our lives.

Stren Millers Ferry - 06/11/22


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 29318 Trey Wade
Leon Wade
5 5.57 15.74 0.25 15.49 200

2 28750 Justin Moye
Robbie Brown
5 5.11 15.05 0 15.05 199

3 28751 Will Blount
Robert Lynch
5 0 15.25 0.25 15 198

4 23968 Richard (Danny) Hardy
Nathan White
5 3.56 13.75 0.25 13.5 197

5 28025 Kevin Diamond
Logan Faith
5 5 12.61 0 12.61 196

6 17176 Curtis White
Zachery White
5 0 11.36 0 11.36 195

7 28530 James Bell
Richard Cornelius
5 2.77 11.21 0 11.21 194

8 22781 Tony Lister
James Richerson, Jr.
5 2.81 10.87 0 10.87 193

9 28574 Craig Hamilton
William Champion
5 0 9.52 0 9.52 192

Darwin Bolden
5 0 7.22 0 7.22 191

11 26817 Marty Long
Bernard Hayward
5 0 6.13 0 6.13 190

12 14609 Michael Stewart
Thomas Pugh
5 0 5.89 0.25 5.64 189

13 28532 Keaton Maher
Kenny Maher
4 2.34 5.26 0.5 4.76 138

14 25585 Christopher Lewis
Ethan Thomas
3 0 2.84 0 2.84 187

15 26965 Sam Noble
Kenneth Roemen
0 0 0 0 0 186