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Legacy Results
Dead Lake Marina
1st Place
Lane Browder and John Odom
12.57 pounds
Zhane White and Zac White
11.84 pounds
3rd Place
Garrett Sullivan and Joe Turner
8.82 pounds
4th Place
Colton Peebles and Justin Peebles
7.18 pounds
5th Place
Colton Lewis, Tyler Lewis and Jeff Lewis
4.62 pounds
6th Place
Logan Favis and Justin Moye
2.78 pounds
Dead Lake Marina
Friday Night Meeting Summary
Our guest speaker was Garrett Sullivan. He is one of our very own Legacy Anglers. We are so proud of him for stepping up and speaking to us about Jesus. This meeting he talked to us about having faith stronger than fear. He asked us why and how do we have faith? The answer was that fear gives us faith. We have to step out and trust the Lord in those things that we can’t control. So our fear steadily builds our faith if we let it. He spoke to us about sin being the brokenness and void in our lives but our faith and the Lord fill this void. We must call on the Lord when we get to a point in which we know we can’t handle the problem at hand.
Garrett reminded us about when Peter left the boat to go to Jesus but when he took his eyes off Jesus, he began to sink. His faith dwindled because of fear but the Lord still saved him. Also, he told us about the woman that suffered from a bleeding disease for 12 years. She hid it from others and tried all types of natural remedies. But in the end she had a supernatural problem that could only be healed by a supernatural healer, Jesus. All she wanted to do was touch Jesus’ garment so she could be healed. Ultimately her faith allowed her to be healed.
We need to think about what is scaring us and making us run. Is our running keeping us from our blessings and healings? What is going on in our life that builds and gives us faith?
He encouraged us to examine ourselves and don’t let fear overpower our Faith. We need to use it to build our faith and relationship with the Lord.
Legacy Tournment Mobile Delta - 06/18/22


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 27484 John Odom
Lane Browder
5 4.01 12.57 0 12.57 200

2 27478 Zachery White
Zhane White
5 3.68 11.84 0 11.84 199

3 27477 Joe Turner
Garrett Sullivan
5 2.38 8.82 0 8.82 198

4 29354 Justin Peebles
Colton Peebles
5 1.61 7.18 0 7.18 197

5 22841 Christopher Lewis
Tyler Lewis
3 3.24 4.62 0 4.62 196

6 29355 Justin Moye
Logan Davis
5 0 3.28 0.5 2.78 145