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Indiana South - Classic

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About This Division

 All properties for 2024 have been approved. If there needs to be a change we will change the location rather than the date. This will help ensure members can plan ahead to go fishing on the dates listed and not have to change their schedule at the last minute.

We are looking forward to another great season in 2024. Back again this year we will have 6 regular season tournaments that will be for points toward the postseason tournaments as well as a generous payout. Only the top 5 out of 6 will count towards the final points total. Fish all 6 and drop your worst showing. We also want to host at least one open. Look at the current schedule and tell us where and when you would like to go..The open tournaments will not be for points and anyone can fish (FOM member or not). Additional opens are possible. Keep and eye on the tournament schedule through the season **Team membership: $42.50/member ($85/team) (See Gold Membership if both team members are in same household) Send memberships & entries to: address of tournament director. You may also elect to renew your memberships via the national office website. Entries should be mailed to the tournament director and postmarked by the Friday 1 week before the tournament to avoid a late fee.

This year we will continue with usual Friday night meetings. Please keep a eye on the tournament schedule for any last minute changes.


Local Sponsors:    HONEY CREEK TACKLE Honey Creek Tackle  Hoosier Logistics Inc. https://www.hoosierair.com/



Please TEXT Shawn Harden with any questions. (317) 833-5588 God bless, Shawn.


Fishers of Men would like to thank all our National Sponsors Berkley , BassCat Boats, Abu Garcia, Mercury, Fenwick, Realtree Fishing, FireFly Outdoor & Marine, Power-Pole,  T&H Marine, Frogg Toggs, X2 Power and Jacobs Glass




Director Information

Shawn Harden
1150 Terrace Lake Rd
Columbus, IN 47201
(317) 833-5588

Division Chaplain

Marshall Tucker Cell 317-507-1917

Division Events

West Boggs (OPEN)  Park ramp  March 27, 2021  Results  
Geist  Main ramp  April 17, 2021  Results  
Brookville  Gar Hill  May 15, 2021  Results  
Lemon   Riddle Point ramp  June 05, 2021  Results  
Patoka  Newton Stewart south  June 26, 2021  Results  
West Boggs   Park ramp  July 24, 2021  Results  
Monroe  Cutright ramp  August 14, 2021  Results  
West Boggs  Park ramp  March 26, 2022  Results  
Morse  Main ramp  April 09, 2022  Results  
Brookville 1  Gar Hill  May 07, 2022  Results  
Brookville 2  Gar Hill  May 21, 2022  Results  
Ohio River  Madison City ramp  June 04, 2022  Results  
Monroe  Cutright ramp  August 13, 2022  Results  
West Boggs (OPEN)  Park ramp  October 08, 2022  Details  
West Boggs  Park ramp  March 25, 2023  Results  
Geist  Olio rd ramp  April 15, 2023  Results  
Brookville   Gar Hill  May 13, 2023  Results  
Lemon  Riddle Point  June 10, 2023  Results  
Ohio River (Charlestown)  Charlestown State park ramp  July 22, 2023  Results  
Geist (OPEN)  Olio Rd Ramp  August 12, 2023  Details  
Patoka  Newton Stewart South  September 09, 2023  Results  
Monroe  Cutright  October 21, 2023  Details  
West Boggs (OPEN)  Park ramp  March 23, 2024  Details  
Geist  Olio rd ramp  April 06, 2024  Results  
Monroe (Open)  Cutright  April 20, 2024  Results  
Brookville   Gar Hill  May 18, 2024  Results  
Lemon  Riddle Point  June 08, 2024  Results  
Geist (OPEN)  Olio rd ramp  June 22, 2024  Details  
Geist {open}  Olio rd ramp  June 22, 2024  Details  
Ohio River Tanners Creek  Tanners Creek  July 20, 2024  Details  
Monroe  Cutright  August 17, 2024  Details  
Patoka  Newton Stewart South  September 14, 2024  Details  
West Boggs (OPEN)  Park ramp  October 12, 2024  Details  

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